The Church of Scotland approves same-sex marriage

The Church of Scotland will allow same-sex marriage The Church of Scotland approves same-sex marriage

The Church of Scotland has voted to allow clergy to perform same-sex marriages

La Church of scotland announced Monday that it will endorse same-sex marriage. The dogma of Presbyterian origin is the official religion of the country, and is practiced by more than half of its inhabitants according to the last census. The decision was communicated by the members of the Edinburgh General Assembly, the governing body of this church. The debate ended after a vote, which ended with 274 expressions in favor and 136 against.

El Reverend Iain Greenshields, moderator of the Assembly, remarked: “The Church of Scotland is large and there are varying views on the issue of same-sex marriage among its members.”. In this sense, the authorities agreed that those ministers and deacons who do not want to carry out this type of union may abstain and will not be forced.

Before Monday's vote, assembly members expressed a variety of opinions on the change. Among them was the Rev. scott rennie, who in 2009 became the first openly gay clergyman of the Church of Scotland in approving his appointment, despite protests from some sectors of the Church. Rannie has said: “I want to say that marriage is a wonderful thing. My marriage to my husband Dave nurtures my life and my ministry. Frankly, I couldn't be a minister without his love and support. It is much like opposite-sex marriage in its joys and glories.«.

controversial decision

The Church of Scotland will allow same-sex marriage

The Covenant Fellowship Scotland, a think tank of evangelicals within the Church of Scotland, issued a statement accusing the Church of committing a serious mistake: "The General Assembly of the Church of Scotland, by turning a proposal allowing ministers and deacons to officiate at same-sex marriages into a Church law, has acted in a way both unbiblical as sinful«. And they sentence: «This decision contradicts everything the Bible has to say about the complementary nature of men and women, and the character and purposes of marriage.«.

The Church of Scotland joins other Christian religions that have recently allowed same-sex marriage, such as the Methodist. However, the main Churches of the world (among them, the Roman Catholic) continue to prohibit these practices. Same-sex weddings could take place in Church of Scotland buildings later this year.

The Church of Scotland will allow same-sex marriage

Sources: eldoce.tvwith the BBC

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