The Generalitat imposes the first sanction for homophobia

Llei 11 / 2014 The Generalitat imposes the first sanction for homophobia

Homophobic insults to a resident worker, first fine by 11 / 2014 Act to guarantee LGBT rights

GAYLES.TV.- La Generalitat has imposed the first economic penalty for homophobia for a case of insults to a worker in a residential center for the elderly that took place last March and whose payment of € 300 has already been made by the offender.

La Conselleria de Treball, Afers Socials i Famílies de la Generalitat has explained today in a statement that 81 has received complaints since it was approved two years ago 11 / 2014 to guarantee the rights of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transsexual and intersex (LGTBI).

The victim was rebuked and despised for his guidance, the councilor Dolors Bassa, has highlighted that his courage in denouncing has Dolors Bassaallowed to implement the sanction, and also thanks to the people who have been witnesses.

He stressed that the sanction has a great symbolic, because it highlights the zero tolerance of the administration and the society before the conducts against the collective LGTBI, as well as a step forward in the fight for the rights of these people, and has encouraged that they denounce any violation of the rights they suffer.

This law has recently been endowed with a regime of administrative sanctions to prosecute LGTBIfobicas behaviors not provided for in the penal code and which are forms of discrimination that occur on a daily basis.

Of the 81 complaints who has received the Àrea per a la igualtat de tracte LGTBI, 67 refer to insults, among which there are 34 insults in person, 16 through social networks and 17 in other media. Of the facts denounced, they have been opened 32 administrative files, while the rest have been derived to the criminal or labor route, or were outside the scope of the Generalitat.

In addition to the penalty General Direction d'Igualtat It provides pedagogical, training and mediation measures to address these cases.

140 has also received notifications of violations of rights received in this law, as well as hundreds of inquiries to the 012 telephone.

The Generalitat will present itself as a popular accusation against a neighbor of Mataró (Barcelona) for alleged threats to the LGTBI collective, and has announced that on Friday September 30 will celebrate an act of recognition to the people and entities that have historically defended LGTBI rights, 19.00 hours a Palau Moja of Barcelona.

The Ministry is working on studying the implementation of Law 11/2014, while the preparation of a protocol on the persecution of LGTBI people is expected, before which Councilor Bassa has stated: "We still have a lot of work to do and we have a lot of room for improvement, we are aware ”.

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