Affective-sexual education

training on LGTBI issues Affective-sexual education

It is published in "Affective-sexual education", a support manual for teachers

GAYLES.TV.- Today we want to talk about a fantastic initiative of This is the publication of a support manual for teachers of all educational stages, from kindergarten to secondary and high school through primary school, on how to address the issues of affective-sexual education in the classroom.

The text bears the title of "Affective-sexual education, a support manual for teachers" and its author is a doctor in Education and a degree in Psychology Melani Penna Tosso. Queer pedagogy specialist, LGBTphobias in the education system, sex education and feminisms. She has worked as a counselor in public centers in the community of Madrid and advises on the design of educational programs. He is currently a professor at various public and private universities in Spain and Latin America.

Affective-sexual education

It is presented with a very clear objective: to inform teachers about the normative foundations that justify the fight against sexism and homophobia. It does so from an integrative perspective and respect for diversity in all aspects related to different sexual orientations and gender identifications. And always within the framework of the affective and sexual binomial, understood as aspects that do not necessarily exclude each other, which is usually common when talking about sex education in the classroom.

But what makes this manual an essential work tool to advance in the field of standardization and the fight against discrimination and bullying in the classroom, is that it is not limited to theorizing about the phenomenon but that it provides practical tasks on how to work with students in each of the educational stages.

The text is therefore divided into four blocks: the normative foundation to which we referred based on international laws, a second block that analyzes affective-sexual diversity, its keys and fundamental concepts. The third introduces the issue of homophobia, emphasizing the way in which violence affects teachers, students and their families. And finally, a fourth block dedicated to practical examples of the system to work the set of contents in the classrooms.

The approach is attractive, dynamic and follows an established pattern for each chapter in order to be able to advance in the different aspects with the students. 

Finally, an extensive bibliography is added and the intention expressed by the author indicates that: “This book has been edited for distribution. The intention of the authors is that it be used as widely as possible, that they be purchased original to allow the edition of new ones and that, if reproducing parts, the title and authorship are recorded ”.

The text is available in PDF following the link of but its acquisition is recommended to the centers to contribute with the benefits to counteract the campaign that aims to eliminate this type of classroom initiatives as we indicated a few days ago in the editorial "The shame pacts PP-C's-Vox ”.

Highly recommended not only for teachers, but also for mothers, fathers and anyone interested in pedagogy and LGBTIphobia.




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