La Cicatriz, the art of making lesbians visible

La Cicatriz: «Lesbians are not represented in the art we consume»

GAYLES.TV.- Andrea Puig, Daria Nicolau, Clara Oliveras, Laia Nogueras and Àfrica Alonso are the five women that make up the feminist cultural production collective The scar. They call themselves that precisely because their role as a group is to heal the wounds of the past that "homophobia and machismo have left in our society and in ourselves."
La Cicatriz is an emerging collective, focused on cultural and artistic production. It is made up of four young women, professionals in the performing arts, production and music. It is a multidisciplinary collective that was born from the desire to produce artistic projects within a context of feminism and collaboration.
The fundamental challenges of La Cicatriz are to make young women visible within the world of culture as active, necessary and fundamental. "Multidisciplinarity allows us to propose a diverse, contrasted content and avoid vertical hierarchical relationships within the creation and work processes."
His first work, «A shy llum«, Tells the story based on real events of Isabel and Carmen, two women who fell in love during the Franco regime and who, therefore, unfortunately, must survive situations of violence, fear and rejection.

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  1. You are great, do not stop doing things and showing them, come to Madrid because you are loved here.

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