Bisexuality in figures

Bisexuality in figures Bisexuality in figures

52% of the LGBT + community is bisexual

GAYLES.TV.- Today September 23 Is celebrated the International Day of Bisexuality. It was first held in 1999And was conceived as a response to the prejudice and marginalization of bisexual people by some heterosexual communities or even the own LGBT +. It was led by American activists Wendy Curry, Michael Page and Gigi Raven Wilbur.

According to a report by MAP (Movement Advancement Project) more than half of the collective LGBT + is bisexual. Exactly a 52% of LGBT + people are bisexual compared to 31% of gay people and 17% of lesbians. This 52% is made up of 33% women and 19% men.

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If instead of focusing on the community LGTB +. We broadened the spectrum to the entire population, we found that 5,5% of women consider themselves bisexual, 1,3% lesbian, 92% heterosexual and 0,9% do not know or do not answer. Applying the same question to men, the salient percentage is that 2% of them consider themselves bisexual, 1,9% gay, 95% heterosexual and 1% do not know or do not answer. A priori are data in which the population LGTB + it is well below the 10% of which so much is talked about. But depending on the type of question we get different answers. For example: 81% of women and 92,1 of men declare that they are only attracted to the opposite sex. In other words, 19% of women and 7,9% of men say they are attracted to other people.

Age also matters, it is observed that the younger there is, the more percentage of people who do not consider themselves completely gay or lesbian or heterosexual.

Bisexuality in figures

Source: Movement Advancement Project

Photography:, Invisible Majority Infographic: The Disparities Facing Bisexual People and How To Remedy Them

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