New Study: The Bible Doesn't Condemn Gay Relationships

The Bible does not condemn homosexual relationships New Study: The Bible Doesn't Condemn Gay Relationships

A new study concludes that the Bible does not contain any arguments against same-sex relationships

El Wijngaards Institute for Catholic Studies, London has just presented an 80-page study that concludes that the Biblia it does not contain any arguments against faithful and long-term same-sex relationships. «The magisterium's condemnation of homosexual acts now has no theological basis"Said the spokesman for the LGBT + Catholic Committee in Nuremberg, Michael Brinkschröder.

La Biblia it has been used for decades to justify discrimination against same-sex relationships. The report "Christian Objections to Same-Sex Relationships: An Academic Assessment«, Published at the beginning of May, shows that«Bible verses that have long been viewed as condemnations of those relationships weren't doing any of that«. Claims that the Biblia condemns same-sex relationships are based on misinterpretations and translations. The report found that passages from Levitical often cited as the most explicit condemnations of homosexuality have actually been mistranslated.

More than 60 academics High-profile people from around the world endorse the report. In presenting their findings, the academics ask the Pope Francisco and Vatican take urgent action to change the church's teaching on same-sex relationships. They specifically criticize the recent decision of the Vatican de ban blessings for same-sex couples, arguing that the ruling vilifies same-sex couples. The academics urge putting in place a transparent and independent consultation process on their findings in an attempt to move forward in an evidence-based way.

The study coincides with the challenge of a hundred German priests to the Vatican by blessing homosexual couples

love wins
A priest blesses a couple of women in a church in Munich. F. HOERHAGER

More than 100 priests Catholics challenge the pope's doctrine Francisco which prohibited blessing same-sex unions. Priests and dioceses of all Germany have joined the initiative «Liebe Gewinnt»Or«Love wins»And this week hundreds of same-sex couples have publicly blessed in cities like Berlin, Munich and Cologne and in rural areas.

The action of rebellion against Vatican was born in the month of March when more than 230 teachers of catholic theology of Germany signed a joint statement. They were thus protesting against a pronouncement by the Vatican which indicated that the Catholic Church could not bless same-sex marriages. In the manifesto, the group stated that the measure was “marked by a paternalistic air of superiority and discriminates against homosexual people and their life plans".

"We will continue to accompany people who enter into a binding relationship in the future and we will bless their relationship"This group warned in a statement. To reinforce this protest, dozens of Catholic priests from Germany They have chosen to bless gay couples and broadcast these ceremonies live over the internet.


The Bible does not condemn homosexual relationships

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