The applauded response of a teacher to a student's writing on homophobia

The applauded response of a teacher to a student's writing on homophobia The applauded response of a teacher to a student's writing on homophobia

Cases of homophobia in schools are constantly increasing, a fact that is worrying the educational community

A teacher's comment to her student after writing an essay on homophobia has gone viral and has moved many people. There are many children and adolescents who suffer bullying at school for being part of the group LGTBIQ +, for this reason the recognition of this teacher to @javiheerrero it is moving.

«The death of Samuel has marked a before and after in Spain. We live in a complex and hurtful society that seeks to control us in every possible way. People like you, Javi, who don't hang your head, are the ones who make the difference. So don't let anyone tell you otherwise: you can, you are worth it and you have the right to love freely. Thank you for sharing your reflection with me.”, Her teacher wrote gratefully.

The student wanted to publish the beautiful and hopeful message on his account Twitter"I have written an essay on the homophobia in Spain and my teacher wrote me this. More teachers are needed like this”, Said the young man next to an image of the teacher's words.

Cases of homophobia in educational centers continue to increase, revealing the need to transmit values ​​in schools. Therefore, it is important that both the family and the teachers in the classrooms educate children in equality and diversity to eradicate attacks LGBTIphobes.


Protocols in schools against harassment

La Congressional Education and FP Commission will debate this Wednesday a non-law proposal of the Socialist Parliamentary Group by which the Government to promote the development or incorporation of protocols for the detection and protection of minors who are victims of school bullying, including those of LGTBphobia in the school environment.

To do this, it asks that several proposals be taken into account, such as: the procedure for action before the detection or communication of cases by LGTBphobia that involves management teams, teachers, mediators, students, parents, etc; mechanisms for the protection and support of victims; training, information and care programs; and collaboration and / or coordination programs with associations and public and private services.

«La LGBTophobia is a reality in our educational system, so the fear of adolescents LGTBI to be accepted and / or made visible is more than justified. There is a lack of knowledge about reality LGTBI among students and among educators, as well as on issues of sexuality that leads to wrong ideas and to make an existing reality invisible«, They expose.

43% of bullied LGTBI minors have thought about suicide

According to State Federation of Lesbians, Gays, Trans and Bisexuals (FELGTB): 43% of homosexual and bisexual boys and girls, faced with the harassment they suffer, have thought about suicide, and that 81% of these have even planned it, being 17% those who threaten their life. For this reason, they consider it necessary to contact the educational centers with the associations and public and private services from which they will be advised to obtain support for the achievement of care programs and the evaluation of their progress in order to know the levels of discrimination, LGBTophobia and violence among students.

The applauded response of a teacher to a student's writing on homophobia


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