"My friend's friend", a lesbian and firecracker tribute to Éric Rohmer

"My friend's friend" "My friend's friend", a lesbian and firecracker tribute to Éric Rohmer

"My friend's friend" is a five-way lesbian comedy of tangles directed by Zaida Carmona

Zaida Carmona has presented his first feature film «my friend's friend" at D'A Film Festival of Barcelona. The film is an explicit homage to Eric Rohmer and his tapeMy friend's frienda«. Carmona has created a five-way romantic comedy in which he plays a giddy and confused character who returns to Barcelona after a love breakup. A moral tale that takes place in the bathrooms, beds and streets of Barcelona, as described in the Verkami with which they started the project.

That naturalness is what the filmmaker wanted to capture in her first feature film, which began with a question: What would the film of Eric Rohmer brought to my lesbian and queer environment? Carmona recognizes that the feature film was born as a free, very free, adaptation of the French film. An influence, that of this representative of the New wave, which at no time did he try to hide: from the title of the film to certain shots, which constitute literal tributes, such as the one that introduces us to the character of Zaida, but also the director's movie marathon that takes place during the plot.

"A film by friends and for friends"

"My friend's friend" was shot in thirteen days during the pandemic and with a demanding curfew that did not prevent it from having different locations. That the actresses involved in the shoot were friends made it easier. “When we wrote the script, I knew I wanted to film Rocio Saiz; I had written that role inspired by her, so it couldn't be someone else. The same thing happened to me with my character, I imagined myself in it and I couldn't get out of it, even though I was terrified of directing and interpreting at the same time”, explains Carmona to Spindrift. "FThat's when I started imagining friends or acquaintances in different characters and situations. It was a film by friends and for friends, and it had to be done with them".

We wanted to create a fiction with positive references and not necessarily exemplifiers, talking about aunts who don't always do it well, and nothing happens. I wanted to make a film about my biggest referents, the friends with whom I have created this safe, familiar and somewhat firecracker environment.
because quoting Brigitte Vassal, one of our most beloved cameos, “that the firecracker does not take away the political".

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