The L Cruise: a unique experience

The L Cruise: a unique experience

The girls of The L Cruise they were in the MADO'14 with a very seaworthy float celebrating pride in Madrid (watch video). And is that the cruise ships do not stop: this year repeat the experience with two routes through the Mediterranean in the months of August y October.

The option of spending a different summer has seduced many lesbian and bisexual women who get carried away and wake each day in a different port.

Marseille, Monaco, Milan, Rome, Palma de Mallorca and Ibiza are some of the cities that will see this group of women disembark, whose interest is not limited to nightlife. Excursions, sports activities, cultural visits, parties and above all an open attitude is what makes these cruises a unique experience that you can not miss.

The biggest proof of this is that many of the girls choose to live their moment with The L Cruise for the second consecutive year. You're still in time to accompany them on an adventure you'll never forget.

In addition, throughout the year The L Cruise organizes getaways and group routes so that the wait is not so long.


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