Kim Pérez, the unstoppable activist

Kim Pérez, the unstoppable activist Kim Pérez, the unstoppable activist

Kim Pérez vindicates trans people by receiving the Medal for the Promotion of Equal Values

Kim Pérez, historical activist for the rights of trans people, has received in Granada the medal for the promotion of the Ministry Equality Values who leads Irene Montero. In the act he has claimed equality against the strangeness and concern generated by the group: “We're not that weird.".

At 81 years old, the Granada Joaquina Perez Fernandez-Figares, better known as Kim Pérez, has received the medal in the Grenada City Hall from the General Director of Sexual Diversity and LGTBI Rights, Rodrigo, which has recognized her personal career, her commitment to equality and her fight against discrimination based on gender identity.

Wrapped in the trans flag, Kim has received the medal as an act "transcendental" and a recognition towards transsexual people at a time when it causes “strangeness and some unease” do what.

Retired Professor of Philosophy and Ethics -for twelve years of her teaching career she worked as a trans-, Kim Pérez He began his speech by explaining “Why do we transsexual people exist?, and has exposed it by arguing the fact that, from birth, all men and women start from a common organic and biological reality.

"We are not as strange as it may seem to see me, but people who are at one end of the continuism that is life and biology", Has expressed.

Defense of trans childhoods

Kim Pérez, the unstoppable activistHe has referred to childhood and puberty, in which the discovery of sexuality occurs, to ask that “be taken seriously” to the boys or girls who, from an early age, show themselves to be different from the rest, because “they are not playing, but expressing their feelings”, and welcomed the “huge advantage” what does the “change of actitud" from parents to these children.

“When they help in this sense, they literally give life, because there are still suicides” For these reasons, he has stated.

Mayor Granada, Francisco Cuenca (PSOE), has also intervened to affirm that this recognition “vbeyond the sentimental and the symbolic” and claim the importance of maintaining the fight for equality "without taking steps back. "In Spain we are comfortable, here the mayor welcomes us. But in Latin America this is very different”, affirmed to later support the granting of the Nobel Peace Prize for transgender people Latin America.

The renowned activist is currently a member of the Andalusian Coordinator of Zero Cuts, of which she became a candidate in the last general elections.

But twenty years ago it already became the first transsexual woman who was part of an electoral candidacy in Spain, occupying number 17 on the list that he presented then IU to the City Council of Granada.

Kim Pérez, a life fighting for trans rights

Pérez came out of the closet as a transsexual woman in 1991, at the age of 50. For years he chaired the Andalusian Gender Identity Association, an organization thanks to which it was possible for this community to become the first Spanish community in 1999 to include in its catalog of health services the complete process of treatment and genital sex reassignment surgery.

En 2010, claimed that the neutral gender could be chosen for those people who do not identify as male or female. In 2013, chained himself to the doors of the Andalusian Parliament and started a hunger strike in protest at the delay in the approval of the Comprehensive Law of Transsexuality in Andalusia.In 2019, again made a hunger strike to denounce the far right support to the government of Junta de Andalucía could mean a reduction in the rights of trans people, according to what was established in the political party's program Vox.

The Medal for the Promotion of the Values ​​of Equality is added to other recognitions that this historical activist has received, such as the Feather Award full FELGTB (2010), the Gold medal for merit of the city of Granada (2017) or the COGAM Pink Triangle Award (2019)

Kim Pérez, the unstoppable activist

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