Kim Pérez: the trans activist of 77 years has started a hunger strike

Kim Pérez: the trans activist of 77 years starts a hunger strike Kim Pérez: the trans activist of 77 years has started a hunger strike

Kim Perez: «The human and civil rights of transgender people can never be a bargaining chip for coming to power »

GAYLES.TV.- It is not coincidental that the date chosen by Kim Pérez to start his hunger strike coincide with the feminist protest of the past 15 in January. Kim was always a pioneer: it was the first transsexual policy that was presented to an election. The activist returns to lead a fight that never left. To your 77 years has published on social networks the reasons for his strike in which he denounces the veiled intentions of Vox against movement LGTBI and his protest for the oblivion of the rights of the transsexuals in the agreement for the new government of Andalusia.

Kim Pérez: the trans activist of 77 years starts a hunger strikeThe government agreement between PP, Citizens y Vox, which does not mention the rights of transgender people and the statements of the far right formation against medical care by Social Security are some of the reasons that have pushed it to carry out this strike. In the text «Heart of the hunger strike»That he has posted on his facebook profile and that you can read in full at the end of the article sets out his arguments.

"The human and civil rights of transsexual people can never be a bargaining chip to reach power in Andalusia or anywhere else"Sentence Kim. “Who we are transsexuals, we need like water the freedom to live according to our identity "reza the statement in which it ensures that they will not cease to be visible "In the face of this danger", who believed "Already extinct".

According to the activist, who was awarded the Gold Medal of Merit of the city of Granada, not only medical care is at stake, but everything achieved in 20 years that now «he is in danger«. «The transgender children, who have been heard for the first time and respected, can be seen henceforth helpless«, Has alerted Pérez, who has also warned that mothers and fathers who until now had been a support may be prevented from giving a simple talk against bullying in schools.

Kim Pérez: the trans activist of 77 years starts a hunger strike

Corrazón is an expression of the current feminist culture in the Spanish language, which can replace that of "emotional intelligence". Heart and reason, two words that complement each other in our human life.
I will explain what has brought me to the current hunger strike and what perspectives I see with it.
The first is the conviction that, within a short time, our culture will have taken an example of intersexuals to understand the transsexual fact, very similar to intersexuals and even the same reality.
Just as intersexuality is understood by all, and is not discussed by right or left, transsexualism will be understood without mixing it with politics and accepted by mothers and fathers from the moment they are seen to exist. Just as there is intersexuality in the chromosomal, hormonal, internal ducts, external ducts, etc., there is a transsexuality at the cerebral level or at the level of personal experience. And just as intersexuality is not a disease, but a condition, transsexuality will not be seen as a disease, but as a condition that admits at the same time a plurality of forms of expression.
The second is that transsexuals, in almost all the world, are submitted to a repression that can not be called rational, but old, or medieval, or superstitious. In almost all the world it means different degrees of repression and turns that rationality will have to overcome again and again.
In our cultural field, we have managed to advance a lot since twenty years ago, right from Andalusia, but now we see one of those irrational regression attempts. Among us, in Latin America, the rational consciousness of some parts of society continues to advance, as it has just advanced here, but there is still a terrible irrational repression. In Argentina, for example, most of the transsexuals, because they have no more means of living than prostitution, die between the ages of thirty-five and forty, often murdered. Every night they go to the street afraid of not returning. Every year, between seventy and ninety transsexuals die, among a population as small as ours. In all Latin America, between nine hundred and one thousand. And the most amazing thing is that the general population sees it without flinching. There is a news story in the media and nobody is surprised.
That is why, from Spain, we are launching, as a solidarity initiative, the request of the Nobel Peace Prize for the Transsexuals of Latin America, as amazing as it may seem, just because of that, because they live and die for their identity. The right to be itself is the most valued by any person, and in that sense, they live and die, bravely, for all people.
Now that I have started this hunger strike, I would like all the parties, rationally, to take notice of what I am saying here. It is an invitation to reflection, to rationality and, saying the expression of the principle, to the heart. In humans, the heart, intelligence and feelings related to it, end up imposing, although it costs us work.
Therefore, this hunger strike has the intention that the five parties currently in the Andalusian Parliament, are aware. It may be with more or less reservations, expressing their major or minor disagreements, the human is to dialogue, but simply, to sign an acknowledgment of receipt, as when a letter of importance is received. And, from that moment, let the heart make its way.

Source: Granada Hoy, La Vanguardia

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