Josema Yuste and homophobic humor

Josema Yuste and homophobic humor Josema Yuste and homophobic humor

Josema Yuste: «There are guilds with which you used to do humor and nothing happened. The black race, homosexuals«

Yuste Josema visited the set of Horizon, program that directs Iker Jimenez, to talk about the limits of humor and how they have evolved over time. And he has given as an example that there are jokes that could be made before and now cannot: «There are guilds with which you cannot do humor and before you could do it and nothing happened", the comedian has expressed. «and nothing happened", emphasized the presenter.

Then And you he was getting more and more into a garden. «It has gone down five or six steps compared to 25 or 30 years ago", the comedian responded to the question of Iker Jimenez about the red line of humor. "There are guilds currently with which you cannot do humor, it is very complicated. Before you could do it and nothing happened. Like the black race, homosexuals... You made humor in a white way and nothing happened"Yuste explained.

Social Media

On the subject of networks, he assured: «I don't care, because I'm not in them. They have more negative than positive part. It has a lot of positives and it has a lot of negatives, so much so that there are people who commit suicide, go crazy, go into depression... Why will they say«. Furthermore, he added:Before, what will they say was the neighbor, a cousin of yours, a brother-in-law... And it did not reach you because there were no social networks. She lived in a healthier, less polluted way. We are highly contaminated by the opinion of others and heavily mediated"He said.

His words have raised blisters on social networks, where many users have wanted to give their opinion.

Surely 30 years ago he would never have found out, although it seems that he still doesn't find out, why there is humor that offends today and why there is humor that can now be said to 'offend'.

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