An outraged Jorge Javier Vázquez claims LGTBI rights

An outraged Jorge Javier Vázquez claims LGTBI rights An outraged Jorge Javier Vázquez claims LGTBI rights

Jorge Javier Vázquez: "A queer has to assert his rights"

Jorge Javier Vazquez has charged hard against Tamara Falco and all the people whitewashing hate speech. The criticism dates back to the controversial speech that the Marchioness of Griñon offered in the XIV World Congress of Families, a great event of ultra-Catholic and extreme right-wing lobbies held in Mexico. The HazteOír platform also attended the event as a Spanish representation.

Tamara openly criticized sexual diversity with these words: “We are now experiencing a very complicated moment for humanity, there are so many different types of sexualities, there are so many different places where you can do evil. I think that in other generations it was not so evident".

The host of "Save me” described the daughter of Isabel preysler"What you have done in Mexico has been to propagate and sow hatred". "What you cannot do is have a life with the collective Make yourself heard, with the extreme right-wing Catholic and with the ultra-conservative and with a party animal (...) The life of Tamara Falco is an absolute lie, and is being allowed to whitewash very dangerous elements in this society because it is Tamara Falco, but you listen to her and it's to put your hands in your head", He said Jorge Javier.

"I have suffered for being gay for people like you"

"What Tamara Falcó has done is a clear hate speech. Those are not love speeches, they are hate speeches and they must be denounced and rejected outright, because first they are the speeches and then the hosts come in the street”, assured the presenter of Save me.

Before the end of the program, he continued with his reprimand: “The world is becoming a worse place because of people just like you, who think like you and who demonize a sexuality that is not the one you have, which is heterosexual. Fortunately, people generally live their sexuality freely. I am 52 years old, I have suffered a lot for being gay and I have lived my first sexual experiences in the dark because there were people like you who did not accept this type of sexuality. Now we have to fight for people to be free, so that they can express themselves however they want and have fun in the places they want, but as long as there are people like you, who demonize freedom and the freedom to choose what they likes and dislikes, indeed, the world is going to be a worse place".

sow the hate

Far from staying here Jorge Javier He continued with his speech. “What I ask of you Tamara, is that you reconsider and stop doing the damage as you are doing. Because with your words you attack a lot of people, you attack the dignity of a lot of people and we cannot allow speeches like yours to have a place on television”, he added next. “Enough of accepting these types of words as normal, because they fall within the total abnormality. You are an absolute fraud. Reconsider, because in addition to being a lie, you are a very harmful and very harmful element for this society”, he commented afterwards.

At that moment, Jorge Javier He pretended to leave his answer there, but he took it up again to send a last message to the Marchioness of Griñón"At 52 years old, I am not going to allow people like you and organizations like Make yourself heard and all those with whom you are by their side to come here and send us back to darkness, sadness and depression. We will not allow it, Tamara. We will be against people like you and against the people around you".

Take sides

This Wednesday, Jorge Javier has gone a step further and has asked the friends of Falco let them take sides “I'm going to ask the queers of this country, lesbians, transsexuals and gender fluid people to wake up now. We are anesthetized and we have to take our conscience for a walk”, declared the presenter before citing two men who are very close to the Marchioness of Griñón. "I hope friends of Tamara as Boris Izaguirre and Juan Avellaneda mean and don't be silent”, he continued.

"Since this program has fried calls to Boris Izaguirre and Juan Avellaneda to give their opinion on this topic, and they don't have an opinion. No sir! You have to comment on this topic! Of course you have to comment!”, he said visibly indignant.

"A queer is not only chosen to accompany Tamara to choose fabrics for your restaurant, John Avellaneda”, added the presenter, in a clear allusion to the function that the stylist developed in the documentary series of Netflix who stars Tamara Falco. "A fagot has to assert his rights”, he finished.

All this happens the same week Vox will celebrate in Madrid Viva22, a recreational-political event with which the formation aims to celebrate the Hispanic heritage with activities for the little ones. In that event the rapper will perform SantaFlow, author of a song titled Madness is in me whose letter says the following: “I want to hit Jorge Javier's fagot". Joan Baldoví, spokesperson for Compromís in the Congress, has denounced it this Wednesday in the Parliament qualifying the act of akelarre. Today the presenter has taken legal action against the organizers of the event.

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