Jordi Petit and LGBT + activism

Jordi Petit: «More than achieving, we must establish rights that have an effect on society. Homoparental families are the vanguard of the LGTB + movement »

GAYLES.TV.- Jordi Lozano González puts on his ID, but everyone knows him as Jordi Petit. Petit is a historical one of the clandestine struggle and one of the first LGBT + activists in Spain. He militated against the Franco dictatorship and was coordinator of the Front d'Alliberament Gai de Catalunya (FAGC) in the 80s. He was involved in the fight against HIV and is a reference within the LGTB + movement. He is affable in the ways, but firm with his ideas that he learned to defend as a child, when they made him bullying. We speak with Jordi Petit about LGBT + activism.

Jordi Petit

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