Jennifer Hermoso: "I have never openly said that I like girls"

Jennifer Hermoso: "I have never openly said that I like girls" Jennifer Hermoso: "I have never openly said that I like girls"

Jennifer Hermoso opens up on Jesús Calleja's program about her sexual orientation: "I never got to say it"

Jennifer Beautiful was one of the main protagonists of the year 2023. The Madrid soccer player, who currently plays for the Mexican UANL Tigres, fulfilled one of the dreams of many soccer players who want to reach the elite: to become world champion. Her victory with the Spanish team in Sydney It was one of the sporting milestones of the year. However, Luis rubiales He stained a historical scene with a kiss without consent that left it in the background.

Beautiful was the guest of Jesús Calleja at the premiere of the twelfth season of Calleja Planet, riding a Four. During your visit to the glaciers and volcanoes of Iceland They talked about countless topics, including homosexuality.

“I never got to say it”

Jennifer Hermoso: "I have never openly said that I like girls"Firstly, the footballer herself confessed that she never explained to her family that she liked women, even though they were aware of it. “I never got to say it. I have never openly said that I like girls. It's something that was always taboo. It was never necessary to ask, my parents knew it”he explained. Similarly, Beautiful launched a plea against silencing or attacking footballers who openly declare that they are homosexual.

"There is a prototype of a footballer who is married, has a wife and has children, and several players have come out saying that they were gay and in the end they have received a lot of hate. That player who feels this way does not believe that it is good for his future and they are not going to say it because in men's football it is unlikely that they will treat you in a way that makes you feel good, and that for the player the image It's very important", He explained.

His relationship with Alexia

Jennifer Hermoso: "I have never openly said that I like girls"«They have always had a very special relationship«. This is how it defines Marisol Fuentes, the mother of Beautiful Jenny, the bond that his daughter and Alexia putellas. When they won the World Cup they exchanged shirts. When they raised the World Cup, the name of Jenni under the smile of Alexia and of Alexia, under the gesture of joy of Jenni.

Both have formed a magical duo both in Spain and in the FC Barcelona. Two teammates who cried on the bench after the historic passage to the quarterfinals. Something that one's own Jenni explained: «The connection I have with Alexia is still there and has never been lost. I hope to continue enjoying it for a long time.«.

Precisely at the gala where sluts rose as the best player on the planet, she had at her side Beautiful Jenny. The woman from Madrid, second in the vote, went unnoticed, giving all the recognition to her eternal colleague. She was moved, photographed it and celebrated it as her own. and she went Alexia who stepped forward and started the movement #It's over to defend Jenni.

We do not know the sentimental situation of both, although Alexia She has been linked to the famous representative Olga Rios.

Jennifer Hermoso: "I have never openly said that I like girls"


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