Jamie Lee Curtis uses the neuter pronoun to refer to her Oscar

Jamie Lee Curtis uses the neuter pronoun to refer to her Oscar Jamie Lee Curtis uses the neuter pronoun to refer to her Oscar

Jamie Lee Curtis: “Out of respect for my daughter Ruby, I refer to the Oscar as she”

The award winner Oscar in category a Best Supporting Actress Jamie Lee Curtis refers to with the pronoun elle (they/them) to their statuette in honor of Ruby Guest, his trans daughter. After dedicating the award to her mother, also an actress Janet Leigh ( "Mom, I just won an Oscar!”, he said in one of the most emotional speeches of the gala), the daughter of Tony Curtis He does not stop celebrating his milestone on social networks, sharing all kinds of images with his precious award.

En 2020When Ruby it was declared trans woman, Curtis spoke to the magazine People on the subject, admitting that the world of representation LGTBIQ + it was something new for her and she was willing to learn about the right words to address your daughter. Time has passed and she continues to show all the love and protection that she is capable of giving.

"It's speaking a new language. It is learning new terminology and words. I'm new to that. I'm not someone who pretends to know much about it. And I'm going to screw it up, I'm going to make mistakes. I would like to try to avoid making big mistakes. You become a little more aware of what you are saying. How are you saying it? You're still wrong, today I was wrong twice. We are humans"He said.

trans visibility

Jamie Lee Curtis uses the neuter pronoun to refer to her Oscar

A couple of years have been enough for him to understand the importance of visibility, Curtis is a Trans ally and activist that gives voice to the collective every time it gets the chance. Granting the statuette the neutral pronoun is just another way to keep talking about the trans fact.

In recent years, he has spoken out on several occasions in favor of the trans laws throughout the world, such as the recently approved trans law in Spain. “I am proud and grateful to be the mother of a trans daughter and send my support to all the trans families in the United States who are being singled out right now by conservative legislatures.", said in a post Instagram a year ago, in which he posed with a trans flag t-shirt and a raised fist.

In an interview with the SER chain, in mid-October of last year, the star of “Everything everywhere at the same time” openly defended her daughter, arguing that there is a lot of hate in the world and that there are a lot of people who want to hurt trans people.

"There are people who want to annihilate her and people like her. The level of hate… as if we hadn't learned from fascism, we hadn't learned what the result of that is: the extermination of human beings. That's terrifying. And that's how we change things. We think about them, we learn about them, and then we use our voices to call attention to them and fight them.".

Sources: Yahoo!

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