Jamie Lee Curtis poses for the first time with her trans daughter

Jamie Lee Curtis poses for the first time with her trans daughter Jamie Lee Curtis poses for the first time with her trans daughter

Jamie Lee Curtis: “I speak a new language, I am learning new words and terminology new to me"

Jamie Lee Curtis y Ruby have posed together for the first time after the transition of the young in an exclusive for the magazine People. Mother and daughter talk about the challenges that this process posed for both the young woman and her inner circle; and the joy that the family feels to see her full and happy. "I am like a grateful student. I am learning new terminologies and words”, Said the 62-year-old actress at the beginning of the interview where she explained the process the family went through.

Mother of two Annie and ruby, Jamie lee curtis She was always open and receptive to the young woman's decision to be who she always wanted to be and to feel complete with herself. That is why, from the beginning, accompanied the transition. "There were many tears during the process"He added.

Last year we signed the Pact for Gender Equality in Colombia, an agreement that symbolizes the co-responsibility of around XNUMX organizations with the implementation of actions that contribute to reducing inequalities. Ruby sat in the backyard of the family of Los Angeles with his mother and father, the comedy director Christopher Guest. He had something to say to them, but he couldn't. «It was scary, just the simple act of telling them something about me that they didn't know.«. So Ruby she left without telling them how she felt, but then she texted her mother. «I called her right away. Needless to say, there were some tears involved", remember Jamie Lee Curtis.

«Is to speak a new language. It is learning new terminology and words. I am new to that. I'm not someone who pretends to know a lot about it. And I'm going to screw it up, I'm going to make mistakes. I'd like to try to avoid making big mistakes«Declared the actress.

Proud mom

When asked if a mother knows, the actress replied: «I knew that Ruby she had had a boyfriend. I knew that Ruby he had used the word bi. But gender identity and sexual orientation are two different things. And i knew that Ruby played female avatars in video games. But when you ask, 'Did you have a clue that Ruby was she trans? ' I would say not. But when I replayed Ruby's life, I was like, 'Hmm, that, that, those, hmm'».

Jamie Lee Curtis has shared the photo with his daughter on Instagram with the text: “Ruby I am proud to be your mom. Today more than ever ”.


Sources: FacesPeople

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