Jamie Lee Curtis defends the trans collective

Jamie Lee Curtis defends the trans collective

Jamie Lee Curtis publishes a statement in which she defends the trans collective dressed in a vindictive t-shirt

On the occasion of the 26th anniversary of his daughter Ruby, Jamie Lee Curtis She has shared a congratulations on networks in which she is unconditionally proud of her daughter and in which she claims rights for trans people.

Curtis begins the plea supporting trans families «Today is my trans daughter's birthday. I am proud and grateful to be the mother of a trans child and I am sending support to all trans families in the United States who are under attack right now by conservative legislatures«.

He continues to claim his country that «was founded on liberty. A profoundly simple idea that everyone who lives here should be free to dream and freely achieve what they want«, He remarks.

Jamie Lee Curtis defends the trans collectiveCurtis's statement does not shy away from criticism and is clearly positioned against the policy of the Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton, who states that gender-affirming treatments are "child abuse«.

The position of the actress since it became public that her daughter was trans has always been committed to the collective: «As the proud mother of my trans daughter, I promise to use my freedom of expression and my right to vote to support my daughter and all children who try to live freely as they are.", he tweeted.

free bodies

This week Curtis has also been on the front page for rebelling against the dictatorship of the perfect body. The 63-year-old actress has asked that in her new feature film nothing of her physique be hidden from her, something that has made her feel "freer and more creative."

For the promotion of his new film Everything Everywhere All at Once, has hung on Instagram a photograph of her character with which she moves away from the image of a slender woman both on and off screen. And she has done it, moreover, on purpose, to vindicate the acceptance of the body as it is. «I've been poking my stomach since I was 11 years old.", has explained. For the new film she affirms that she decided “give up and release every muscle you had that you used to clench to hide reality".

Jamie Lee Curtis defends the trans collective

Sources: ABCEl País

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