JK Rowling's Transphobia

JK Rowling accused of transphobia JK Rowling's Transphobia

JK Rowling accused of transphobia over controversial tweet

GAYLES.TV.- JK Rowling is a repeat offender in controversies with the collective trans*. The author of the universe Harry Potter It has become a global trending topic due to an already recurring theme in its public interventions: the refusal to consider trans women as women. It all started when on Saturday he shared a link to an article titled “Opinion: Creating a More Equal Post-Covid-19 World for Menstruating People”And ironized, replying on his Twitter account. The controversial tweet read «'People who menstruate'. I'm sure there used to be a word for those people. Someone help me. 'Wumben'? 'Wimpund'? 'Woomud'?«.

Maelstrom on the net

British writer aligns with movement TERF (acronym in English for 'Trans-Exclusionary Radical Feminist'), which defends that women have a vulva and men have a penis. Their opinions have generated numerous accusations of transphobia that now, again, are gaining strength. After the maelstrom caused in networks, he tried to explain himself; «If sex is not real, there is no attraction between people of the same sex. If sex is not real, the reality experienced by women worldwide disappears. I know and love trans people, but erasing the concept of sex removes many people's ability to meaningfully discuss their lives. It is not hate to tell the truth«.

Rowling said he respects "the right of every trans person to live in whatever way they feel authentic and comfortable"But at the same time he claimed that his own life has been marked"for being a woman”, With all the consequences that this implies.

These groups to which he refers have not been slow to respond and GLAAD has accused the writer of transphobia: «JK Rowling continues to align itself with an ideology that willfully distorts the facts about gender identity and people who are trans. In 2020, there is no excuse to attack trans people (…) We are with trans youth, especially those fans of Harry Potter hurt by their cruel and inaccurate tweets«.

JK Rowling accused of transphobia

Source: Frames, La Vanguardia

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