The new director of the Women's Institute is transphobic

The new director of the Women's Institute is transphobic The new director of the Women's Institute is transphobic

Avail of criticism against the appointment of the new director of the Women's Institute for her transphobia

Last Wednesday, November 27, Council of Ministers approved the appointment of Isabel García as director of Institute of Women. A choice considered unacceptable by Add, United We Can and various activists and entities LGTBIQ + because of their positions on people trans and the LGTBI law.

“The appointment of the Ministry of Equality is unacceptable. The direction of the Women's Institute cannot be in the hands of those who belittle and insult women and LGTBI people. Freedom belongs to everyone, everyone, or it belongs to no one. It is especially serious at a time when we see the rights of the LGTBI community receding in the Community of Madrid and threatened in other communities governed by the alliance of the right and extreme right.", has said Sumar the social network X. It should be remembered that it was her own Yolanda Diaz who prevented Irene Montero, promoter of the law, will renew as Minister of Equality.

Unidas Podemos and Sumar have joined their speeches this Thursday to ask the Ministry of Equality Ana Redondo to stop the appointment of Isabel García as new director of the Women's Institute. Sumar's spokesperson on feminism, equality and LGTBI rights and freedoms, Elizabeth Duval, has been one of the first politicians to react and has described the appointment as “shameful" and to send ““a regrettable message” for putting “someone who supports the conspiracy of the erasure of women and criticizes the queer dictatorship”.

The delirium of Isabel García

Isabel García had been an advisor to Ministry of Transport between 2019 and 2022, and was currently working as an equality policy consultant in the private sector. She was previously a Deputy for Equality in the Provincial Council of Valencia and a councilor of the same branch in the city council of Xirivella. She was the creator of the Network of Municipalities against gender violence and also of the Feminario, a space for feminist debate. In recent years, García has expressed its firm opposition to the trans law and gender self-determination with expressions like “queer dictatorship" or "queer delirium".

His profile symbolizes the change of course in the Ministry of Equality, since García has maintained a public profile contrary to gender self-determination and critical of the policies of the previous Minister of Equality, Irene Montero, as well as with some members of her party who have waved the flag of intersectional feminism.

"Trans women do not exist"

The 10 2023 January, García He tweeted: “Trans women do not exist”. She did it in response to a tweet from Víctor Gutiérrez, Secretary of LGTBI Policies of the PSOE, where he stated that “trans women are women”. For the new director of the Women's Institute "Transsexual women are transsexual women and that's it.".

In December 2022, he tweeted using one of the hashtags typical of trans-exclusionary sectors: #StopDelirioTrans. On that occasion, he did it to attack Podemos, of whom he says that “has managed to divide the feminist movement and the LGTBI collective in record time".

In your profile X There are also references to what trans-exclusionary groups and the extreme right call “gender ideology”. For example, on October 5, 2019, he tweets: “Queer theory advances relentlessly with the sole objective of perpetuating heteropatriarchy and erasing women from politics.".


Reactions against the new director of the Women's Institute

The MEP María Eugenia Palop, part of the executive group of Sumar, has described Isabel García as “transphobic” and has asked that his appointment be reversed. “The director of the Women's Institute cannot be a transphobe or support the delusional positions that we have suffered in recent years. Transphobia does not represent us. It does not do justice to feminism, it divides and confronts, excludes and denigrates. This appointment must be reversed”, he said in a tweet.

Also the deputy of More Madrid at the assembly of the Community of Madrid Carla Antonelli has criticized García's appointment: “The Women's Institute should be for each and every one of the women and this woman has singled out trans women, harassed and insulted us.".

La Trans Platform and the Association Euphoria Trans-Allied Families They have also requested that the Ministry of Equality revoke the appointment of Isabel García “for their positions against Trans rights and contrary to European standards, such as the recognition of gender self-determination". "We cannot fight the extreme right, nor the involution that Ayuso is already carrying out, from their same positions”, they assure.

The former Minister of Equality, Irene Montero, has once again criticized a decision of the Government of Pedro Sánchez. "Defending trans and LGTBI rights is a democratic obligation. More so for a Government that has the obligation to comply with and enforce Human Rights. Don't forget that there are more of us.", he pointed out before publishing in another tweet that “There is something more uncomfortable than feminism: transphobia. And ask for complicit silence”, has added Huntsman.

The new director of the Women's Institute is transphobic

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