Allied Intelligence against hate messages

Allied Intelligence against hate messages Allied Intelligence against hate messages

86% of messages on social networks related to LGTBI+ rights are supportive

To combat hate and provide intelligent responses to attacks LGBTIphobes on the networks State Federation of Lesbians, Gays, Trans, Bisexuals, Intersex and more (FELGTBI+) has launched the initiative Allied Intelligence.

La LGTBI+ State Federation alert that, although the 86% of messages related to LGTBI+ rights on social network financial, The remaining 14% are hate and, many times, they are left without responding. This is clear from an investigation carried out by 40dB.

The president of the FELGTBI+, Uge Sangil, explain what "It is important to do pedagogy because the messages of hate that are spread from public institutions and social networks irremediably influence those who do not have a formed opinion or do not have sufficient information about the realities LGTBI +".

"Training is essential to stop hate in everyday spaces"

Allied Intelligence against hate messages"Therefore, it is important that a State Pact be signed against hate speech towards vulnerable groups.", Explain sangil, but adds that “Training to stop hate in everyday spaces is also essential”. “SOnly in this way, we will gain awareness and prevent the rights of LGTBI+ people, women and groups in vulnerable situations from falling because hate and signaling messages attack us all.”, he defends.

As the president points out, “There are many more people who are in favor of social progress”. This follows from the last Eurobarometer about discrimination in European Union, published in December 2023, which reveals that, in Spain, 80% of the population believes it is positive that there is content LGTBI + at school and 81% consider that trans people should be able to change their documentation.

Allied Intelligence

To help all those allies who strive to eradicate hate and misinformation at home, at work or at the bar, the LGTBI+ State Federation has created the initiative Allied Intelligence. This is a resource that offers answers to the most recurring hate messages about people. LGTBI + and their families.

En este sentido, sangil explain what "We are experiencing the great boom of Artificial Intelligence. However, in a society in which violence against LGTBI+ people grows every year, the use of another AI is important, Allied Intelligence. One that invites us to respond intelligently to each hate speech".

"LGTBI+ people need ally people, those who respond for you at the table, when someone insults you or who step forward when you are ridiculed at school. For all of them we have created this resource, we hope it is usefulhim,” he declares.

Allied Intelligence against hate messages

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