Isabel García opens the days of a transphobic association

Isabel García opens the days of a transphobic association Isabel García opens the days of a transphobic association

Isabel García participated in a conference in which she related “queer theory and the normalization of pedophilia"

On February 17, the director of the Women's Institute, Isabel García, participated in the inauguration of the second congress of the association of Feminist Teachers for Coeducation (DoFemCo), an organization that rated the Trans Law of "undemocratic madness", which speaks of "supposed trans childhoods” and who congratulated himself on the cut of the LGBTI and trans laws of the Community of Madrid that was executed by the Government of Ayuso the last December.

The choice of García in front of the Institute of Women unleashed criticism from the groups LGTBI and a good part of the political parties due to the comments he made on social networks in recent years, in which he not only harshly attacked the Trans Law, but he made harsh positions on trans people. After the criticism, García apologized and the minister, Ana Redondo, defended his appointment. He assured that he was unaware of his “virtual resume” and assured, asked about it in the Congress, what "Anyone who is not committed to the Ministry's lines has no place in this ministerial group.".

Occupy spaces

Less than a month later, the director of the Institute of Women, who until now worked as a consultant on equality policies in the private sector, has participated in a congress that openly attacks the legislation approved by the Government in this matter. Sources of Equality They argue that their assistance responds to the need to “occupy spaces” and spread the ministry's speech and allege that García cannot be held responsible for the speeches and ideas that arose during the conference, held on the weekend of February 17 and 18 in the Valencian municipality of Ribarroja del Turia.

During the almost half hour he used to welcome those attending the congress, García at no time did he mention the Trans Law and he limited himself to ensuring that the ministry has a mandate from the President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, from "reestablish that common thread that has always existed from the institutions and the feminist movement".

"We come from a difficult time, you know, in which there were many bridges that were broken. My presence here is a gesture but not only with you, with the entire feminist movement and the entire society.”, he stated. The director of the organization joked about her arrival in office – “that landing was so fun I had, I entered through the big door”- and assured that the association had the support of the Institute to organize your conference. “Things can be done much better, we obviously come from the stage we come from...", He said.

Criticism in the Senate

Isabel García opens the days of a transphobic associationThe issue has reached this afternoon's session in the Senate Equality Commission, in which the minister appears Ana Redondo to explain the ministry's roadmap. The senator of Plural Left Parliamentary Group, Carla Antonelli (Más Madrid), thanked the owner of Equality the policies that he has put on the table and has extended his hand to, but he has reserved the last part of his intervention to disgrace him for keeping in office someone who participates in a congress who “promotes the repeal of trans and LGTBI laws and does not recognize the right to gender identity, something that a socialist government established in 2007".

Antonelli has highlighted a communication “aberrant” presented at the congress, which was titled “Relationship between queer theory and the normalization of pedophilia". "Yes, they now point us out as pedophiles, it's the last straw.", criticized the senator, who believes that with her assistance García "I was endorsing these ideas". "It is important where the Government has a presence and where it does not, what is said and even more important, what is left silent.”. The senator has asked the minister to “take a look at your equipment and assess”that the director of the Institute of Women "It could be another person who is willing to recognize the rights of all women, including trans women.".

As well Sara Bailac (ERC) has regretted that Round keep García in office: “We wonder how compliance with the Trans and LGTBI Law can be guaranteed when the director has disowned trans people and has even doubted homophobic attacks."said the senator.

After a first turn of response from the minister without responding to the allusions, Antonelli He has insisted again and in the second round, Round has responded by disconnecting the assistance of García with the contents of the congress, in which, he assured, “many things were talked about". "When we participate from the ministry in forums we cannot be responsible for everything that is said, we would be vetoing", stated the minister, who defended "give him a vote of confidence” to the director and has guaranteed that her portfolio “remains committed to people LGTBI y Trans".

Why has Isabel García not been dismissed?

That a transphobic person cannot lead the Institute of Women It is evidence. So why is it still Isabel García in office? From the first moment the fabric LGTBIQ + He was opposed to the appointment and has not been heard. Perhaps it is a minor issue for the government, second-class citizens who do not deserve the same rights as the rest. If the title “Relationship between queer theory and the normalization of pedophilia” doesn't even make them blink, what do we expect from the Ministry of Equality? It only occurs to us that it could be a distraction maneuver. While they keep us busy claiming obvious things, we are losing rights and getting used to mistreatment.


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