Report AEQUALIS LGTB: Best practices in the management of LGBT diversity

Report AEQUALIS LGTB: Best practices in the management of LGBT diversity

AEQUALIS LGTB: First report in Spain on best practices in the management of LGBT diversity in the company. | The presentation of AEQUALIS 2015Sponsored by the Region of Madrid, has taken place in the IE Business School with the presence of James Costs, US ambassador to Spain, Carlos Izquierdo, Counselor of Social Policies and Family of the Community of Madrid and Santiago Iñiguez, dean of IE.

The presentation of the AEQUALIS 2015 Report promoted by the association Gender & LGTB Lab, represented by Maria Giralt (director of, and the academic management of Margarita Alonso, director of the IE Foundation, was in charge of Manuel Ródenas, coordinator of the LGTB program of the Community of Madrid.

The event was attended by numerous representatives of large companies and the LGTBI community as Carla Antonelli, José Ignacio Pichardo, Lawrence Schimel, and entities such as It Gets Better, REDI, Diversity Consulting, Diverspain, Women & Co., Madrid Pride y FELGTB, Among others.

This report has been made with the collaboration of IE Business School Center of Diversity,, REDI, Diversity Consulting, Lesworking, Diverspain, Associació de Famílies Lesbianes i Gais (FLG), Aegal, Arcópoli, Transexual, Women & Co., Look at them and EGF group.

The Aequalis report can be downloaded for free from the platform

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