Aequalis 2017 report, best practices in LGTBI diversity

Aequalis 2017 report, best practices in LGTBI diversity

"It is desirable that all the hierarchical levels of the company receive training on LGTBI diversity"
"We see that the application of shared value theory puts together administrations, civil organizations and companies to work together"

GAYLES.TV.- The 12 of July has presented in Madrid the new edition of the Aequalis ReportOn best practices in the management of LGTBI diversity en companies and institutions. This year it was held in the Patio of the Building of the headquarters of the General Directorate of Social Services and Social Integration of the Region of Madrid.
Margarita Alonso, academic director of the report, was the host of the presentation in which they intervened, Encarna Rivero, General Director of Social Services and Social Integration of the Community of Madrid, Arancha Díaz-Lladó, Director of Sustainable Innovation and Diversity of Telefónica, Chema Palomo, Director of Corporate Talent at Banco Santander, Eva Díaz, Executive Director of operations at Exaccta Solutions. We have also collected the testimony of Borja Sainz de Aja, partner of Uría Menéndez and María Ortuño Álvarez, Talent Acquisiton specialist & LGTB Sponsor Accenture.
The Aequalis Report is prepared by Margarita Alonso de Driversity in collaboration with the association Gender and LGBT Lab.
Among the topics covered in the report, we highlight the training, the compliance, the theory of shared value, employment and employability of trans people, multiple and intersectional discrimination.

The Aequalis LGTBI report, diversity in the company, can be downloaded for free at:


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