LGTBIphobic incidents in Catalonia increase by 27,4% compared to 2022

LGTBIphobic incidents in Catalonia LGTBIphobic incidents in Catalonia increase by 27,4% compared to 2022

In 2023, 302 LGTBIphobic incidents were registered in Catalonia

El Observatory against LGTBI-phobia, formerly known as Observatori contra l'Homofòbia (OCH), registered in 2023 a total of 302 LGTBIphobic incidents en Catalunya, a figure that represents a del% increase 27,4 with respect to the year 2022 (237) and 6,3% with respect to the year 2021 (284). According to data made public by the entity, the group of gay men is the one that suffered the most incidents, a total of 119, followed by the group tranny and, especially, the trans women, which recorded 41 incidents.

Again, Barcelona It is the province that accumulates the most incidents, 77,5% of the total, with 160 cases. The spokesperson of Observatory against LGTBI-phobia, Eugeni Rodríguez, has regretted that this is data “worrying” and has criticized “the hate speech of the extreme right”, as well as the “lack of political will” to reverse the situation. Besides, Rodríguez asked “more resources” to be able to deal with the situation, as well as “more coordination between the entities involved.

Verbal attacks, the most recorded

LGTBIphobic incidents in CataloniaBeyond the province of Barcelona, the data of the Observatory They point out that the provinces of Girona and Tarragona (3,6%) have maintained the incident registration data from the previous year, while Lleida has registered 0,3% of the total. The remaining 11,9% correspond to incidents committed remotely. The city of Barcelona is where more than half of the incidents were recorded, a total of 160. The districts in which the most incidents were recorded were sant marti, Sants-Montjuic and Eixample.

Finally, the verbal aggression They are the most recorded type of discrimination (24,8%), followed by displays of hatred and exaltation with very little difference (24,5%). In third place are physical attacks (23,5%).

LGTBIphobic incidents in Catalonia


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