Trans identities, gender and books

Trans identities, gender and books

The trans fund of the Nou Barris Library is a reference for the LGTBI community

GAYLES.TV.- Eric Sancho is the ideologist and head of the Trans Identity and Gender Fund of the Nou Barris Library. Your director, Emília Sánchez, supported his proposal to create this center of interest and the initiative is proving very successful. Every year a part of the budget is allocated to the Trans fund that already has more than 300 titles. Thanks to the Library Network they are available throughout Catalonia. In addition, the proposal is accompanied by activities such as workshops, talks or exhibitions with gender and identity as protagonists that have made the Nou Barris Library a benchmark to follow. Sancho recommends five essential readings for those who are interested in the subject.

Nou Barris Library Trans Fund


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