Hungary takes advantage of pandemic to cut transgender rights

Hungary takes advantage of pandemic to cut transgender rights Hungary takes advantage of pandemic to cut transgender rights

Hungary prepares to end legal recognition of trans people

GAYLES.TV.- En Hungary the first Minister Viktor Orbán has registered a Law for trans people cannot legally change their identity. While all eyes are focused on the laws that allow Orbán To govern without Parliament's intervention, the government has tabled a bill that could deny legal recognition for trans people.

As reported by the British newspaper The Guardian, the new law considers that gender is «biological sex, based on basic sexual characteristics and genes«. This means that no trans person could legally change their gender in the civil registry.

El European Parliament He is critical of the new law. Dutch Liberal MEP Sophie in't Veld has made a list of the elements with which Orbán aims to "demolish democracy«. The german Terry reintke (Los Verdes) rates the step of Orbán and his party as «scandalous but not surprising«. It also underlines that legal recognition of the gender with which a person identifies is the basis for protecting trans people in Hungary. «Without that possibility, they are exposed to harassment and discrimination. This law is nothing more than willful assault«.

The new gender law must go through the lower house

Tamas Dombos, spokesperson for Hater, the organization LTGB + oldest and most numerous in the country, explains that this measure comes after several sentences of the Constitutional Court Hungarian and minor courts forcing the recognition of the right for trans people to be legally registered according to the chosen gender and not the one assigned at birth. The Government's struggle with the existing laws in the country was to try to force it to only occur in the event of an operation, although this new legal change recedes even further, making it impossible for it to be modified under any circumstances.

The law comes at the moment when the European Union is looking closely at the Hungarian government's measures regarding the coronavirus. Right now, the Prime Minister can rule by decree, without Parliament's intervention. However, the new gender law does have to go through the lower house. Legal experts say the new law will violate European human rights jurisprudence, leaving it open to challenge both in the Hungarian Supreme Court and in the European Court of Human Rights (CEDH).

Hungary takes advantage of pandemic to cut transgender rights

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