Hungary passes a controversial law against the LGTB + collective

Hungary passes a controversial law against the LGTBI collective Hungary passes a controversial law against the LGTB + collective

Hungary vetoes talking about homosexuals and transgender people at school and assimilates them to pedophiles

El Hungarian Parliament approved this Tuesday a legislative package promoted by the Government ultra-conservative prime minister Viktor Orbán that prohibits the "promotion”Of homosexuality and gender reassignment before minors under 18 years of age. A controversial regulation that, in practice, prevents addressing homosexuality in educational programs at school and that has been described as homophobic by the bulk of the opposition.

This prohibition is contained in a legislative package that also includes measures to protect minors against pedophile abuse - introduced in a constitutional amendment with which the opposition substantially agreed -, in an amalgamation of human rights activists and activists of the collective LGBT + they consider perverse in that it links both issues. More than 5.000 Hungarians had demonstrated on Monday afternoon in Budapest against this initiative.

Talking about homosexuality is prevented in schools

The text does not only affect films that are considered to promote homosexuality - as Billy Elliot To give an example-, but, in reality, and although it is supposedly designed against pedophilia, it prohibits exposing minors under 18 years of age to pornography and any content that promotes or shows homosexuality or the change of sex.

This affects the promotion of books where homosexuality appears, it prevents talking about homosexuality in schools and in any educational program, and it does not allow any related advertising. Therefore, the groups LGTB + will not be able to advertise and companies like Coca-Cola, who campaigned for gays, they will see their advertising censored if they touch on the subject.

Prohibition of sex education in schools and censorship in the cinema

Hungary passes a controversial law against the LGTBI collectiveIn this way, a registry of pedophile offenders will be created accessible to the public and jail terms will be up to 20 years for some classified cases of child pornography, among other measures to protect minors.

However, and apart from these articles, the new legislation includes prohibitions regarding school sex education, where activities that have the purpose of "promoting homosexuality" or gender change may not be carried out.

Likewise, televisions may not broadcast films or programs that are considered to promote content LGTB + for children under 18 years old, and hundreds of children's movies and books will be cataloged for adults for that same reason.

A new attack on the LGTB + collective

The bill «is unprecedented in the European Union" Y "endangers the mental health of young people LGTB+«, Say in a statement five NGO for the defense of homosexual rights, and International Amnesty. "Ban themed shows LGTB + in schools and social awareness programs, severely limit freedom of expression and children's rights«, They add. "These proposals will further stigmatize people LGBT +, exposing them to further discrimination in what is already a hostile environment”He said in a statement David vig, director of Amnesty International Hungary.

Since coming to the government in 2010, Orban he has had the homosexual community in his sights and has progressively curtailed their rights, at the same time that homophobia has grown considerably in the country.

At Lóleo Eventos, Constitution of 2011 it was determined that marriage was the union between a man and a woman, and thus prevented any homosexual union. Last year banning same-sex couples from adopting, following the scandal MEP from his party caught in gay orgy.

During the pandemic, the government also prohibited transsexuals from changing their names. Even a children's book entitled «Wonderland for everyone»To educate respect for minorities was described by the government as«homosexual propaganda that should be banned in schools«, A text that will be excluded from the law.

Hungary passes a controversial law against the LGTBI collective

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