Human Rights Campaign declares a state of emergency in the US

Human Rights Campaign declares a state of emergency in the US Human Rights Campaign declares a state of emergency in the US

Due to the increase in anti-LGBTQ+ laws approved in different parliaments of the country, the Human Rights Campaign declares a state of national emergency

For the first time in its 40-year history, Human Rights Campaign (Campaign for Human Rights), the largest organization in United Kingdoms dedicated to defending the rights LGTBIQ +, has sounded all the alarms and has declared the state of emergency in the North American country.

The reason, the increasedangerous and unprecedented" of the legislation against this group in various states of the country. Since the beginning of the year and until the beginning of this month of July, the organization has counted the presentation of more than 525 anti LGTBIQ+ legal projects in the state chambers of representation, more than double of those who had filed in all of 2022.

They denounce that more than 70 of these have already become laws that have entered into force, and that of the total number of regulations under debate, more than 220 are specifically targeted against the trans community.

In a report entitled "LGTBIQ + Americans under attack, claim that this new and massive batch of discriminatory laws are the result of a coordinated effort of the Republican Party.

But they point out that the Conservative Party is supported by "well-funded extremist groups" as the Alliance Defending Freedom, the Heritage Foundation or the Family Policy Alliance, ultra-Catholic organizations that finance campaigns and policies contrary to sexual and reproductive and collective rights LGTBIQ +.

Persecute the collective through new laws

Human Rights Campaign declares a state of emergency in the USThe organization draws special attention to what is happening in states like Texas, Tennessee or Florida, where teachers are being prohibited from talking about issues related to social rights, the rights of the black population, or LGTBIQ + or sexual and reproductive health.

They reproach that together with these policies defended by the ultraconservatives As a way to protect minors, these states "do nothing to keep them safe from gun violence“, a trickle of murders that have been taking place across the country for decades.

The ultra-conservative outpost has gone to extremes such as ban books textbooks, or books by well-known authors from schools and bookstores.

Also to criminalize and dismiss teachers for having used a movie of Disney in which a gay character appears or have introduced debates or subjects in class that parents consider «ideological«. The complaint of a single parent serves to open an investigation and even a file on a teacher.

One of the states that is implementing some of the toughest policies is Floridawhere the governor Ron De Santis has implemented laws and policies against the migrant, black, LGTBIQ + and against women's rights, especially everything related to sexual and reproductive rights and access to abortion.

In recent weeks, many people have decided leave the state for fear of persecution for being migrants, LGTBIQ + or black. Some families with trans children They have decided to leave their homes in these states for fear that their children will be attacked or killed and because of the growing discrimination against this group.

Withdrawal of parental authority for having transgender children

Human Rights Campaign declares a state of emergency in the USLa Casa Blanca has shown its concern about this ultra-conservative outpost in some States such as that of Florida. In a recent appearance, the Government has denounced that in that state, and in just one day, 20 laws were presented against the rights of the population LGTBIQ +.

He also criticized the criminalization campaign in that state towards parents when they seek help for their children from this group. Among the rules under debate in FloridaFor example, there is one that would allow the authorities to take custody of parents of trans minors.

DeSantis, one of the most conservative governors, has launched into the Republican primary for next year's presidential election.

Harassment and boycott of companies that defend rights LGTBIQ +

Defend the rights of the community LGTBIQ + it is becoming a high-risk activity for some American companies. Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis turned the spigot on with his harassment of Disney, but conservative groups have targeted numerous companies with harassment and boycott threats over their inclusive policies or messaging.

An offensive is beating against the principles of sustainable investment -environmental, social and corporate governance criteria-, which some conservatives attack as a progressive imposition. Many companies, despite everything, remain proud of their support.

Before, the concern of some companies was that their support for the community LGTBIQ + was perceived as inauthentic. to be accused of pinkwashing. Now, the fear is to be the object of a campaign of harassment and boycott. Anti-LGTBI activists do not hide their intentions: “The goal is to turn pride into something toxic for brands. If you decide to hold this garbage against us, you must know that you will pay a price. It won't be worth what they think they're going to win. let's move on”, pointed out the author, activist and conservative commentator Matt Walsh, with 2,1 million followers in Twitter.

Human Rights Campaign declares a state of emergency in the US

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