Homophobia on a Madrid bus

Homophobia on a Madrid bus Homophobia on a Madrid bus

A passenger wearing a mask with the LGTB + flag, victim of homophobia

GAYLES.TV.- «And on top of that, fag!«. Percy, @Mario_heads en Twitter, had to put up with this and other homophobic comments last Sunday when he was in a bus that led him to Madrid. He himself recounted the incident to his mother via Whatsapp during the trip and later exposed the screenshot of the conversation in his account. "Well, something just happened to me on the bus on my way to Madrid which is a journey of one hour. I have never had any such encounters with anyone like that, luckily, but I was very scared and I had to talk to my mother to calm down”, He counted from his profile.

Homophobia on a Madrid bus

According to the narration, he sat next to a man on the bus and asked him to please remove his things so he could sit down. He did it reluctantly and when he saw the mask with the flag LGTB + He snapped "Over there fag!"And asked him if he had no more places to sit. «He has purposely lowered his mask and started to say things under his breath about me and my clothes. I have changed places and told him in front of everyone that he is alone there. But I'm shaking on the bus. I've never been in such a situation and I never hope to be again. I'm still on the bus, scared to see what happens when I get off. I want to cry"He explained.

After sharing the unpleasant encounter on social networks, he has received many expressions of support and affection, which he thanked with the following words "Thank you all so much for leaving me a little message asking me if I'm okay. The situation has passed from there and it has been in a bad time and a scare for me, but I'm fine now. You are awesome".








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  1. The next time something like this happens to you, record it and die of shame when you see yourself on the networks.

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