Transgender men who are pregnant

Trystan Reese and Biff Chaplow Transgender man pregnant Transgender men who are pregnant

Five stories of pregnant transgender men

GAYLES.TV.- Different families have always existed, the only difference is that now they become more visible. Despite this, the image of a pregnant man continues to surprise, but luckily it is becoming more common. Many male trans have not modified their anatomy during the transition and therefore can be pregnant. Some have shared their stories expanding the big family LGTB +.

Trystan Reese and Biff Chaplo

Trystan Reese and Biff Chaplow Transgender man pregnant

This couple of Americans gave birth to a boy named Leo. Both were already parents of their nephews who adopted because Biff's sister could not take care of them. The small Leo murray Weighed 4,250 kg in a delivery that lasted thirty hours. "I have never felt a gram of transphobia on the part of the people who have been in contact with me", he claimed Trystan after birth Here you can see more information about this couple and the birth of Leo.

Scott Moore

Scott Moore Transgender man pregnant

Scott He was one of the pioneers in male pregnancy, in fact he is considered the "second pregnant man in the world." She had her baby in 2010 with her husband, Thomas, who is also transsexual.

Kayden Coleman

Kayden Coleman Transgender man

Kayden discovered that she was pregnant during her transition. First he experienced back pain and, then, he asked his name to give him a massage. "I felt that I had a kind of cushion under my stomach, but, obviously, there was no pillow", He recalls now with irony.

Jason barker

Jason Barker Transgender man pregnant

Jason waited to have a daughter with his partner Tracy to complete his transition.

Fernando Machado

Fernando Machado Transgender man

Fernando and Diane They are the first transgender couple to conceive a child in Latin America, specifically in Venezuela. "We have not seen negative messages with the photo of Fernando's surgery and mine; That means that we are fulfilling our purpose, and it is conquering and sensitizing those who did not understand our LGBT relationship. We are changing our context. Our son is the revolution of love"They say.

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Photograph: Jess Dugan, Sara Davidmann / BFI, Diane Rodriguez, Instagram


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