Heartstopper renewed for two seasons on Netflix

"Heartstopper" renewed for two seasons on Netflix Heartstopper renewed for two seasons on Netflix

Alice Osman, author of the “Heartstopper” saga, has announced the renewal of the series on social networks

Netflix has confirmed that there will be second and third season of «heart stopper«, the revelation series this spring. This cute coming-of-age teen gay love story peppered with drama has captivated the platform's subscribers and critics alike.

With the certainty of having entered the top 10 of the most watched no less than in 54 countries, it was her own alice osman the one in charge of advertising Twitter and Instagram than "heart stopper» had been renewed for two more seasons.

One of the resounding successes of the series has been its treatment of the teenage love story between two boys. Narrates the transition to adulthood of the student Charlie Spring (Joe Locke) and her boyfriend Nick NelsonKit Connor. At the beginning of the series, we met Charlie and his friends Tao (William Gao) e Isaac (Toby Donovan) and Elle (Elle (Yasmin Finney), the fourth member of his group of friends who, after his transition, had to transfer to a nearby girls' school where he is having a hard time adjusting.

Reference for LGTBIQ+ teenagers

With all this, it is not surprising that the platform, which is going through a difficult time due to the loss of subscribers, has decided to strengthen what works in its catalog and renew it. And not for a single season, but for two.

Currently "heart stopper» has an unprecedented 100% in R, which can give an idea of ​​the enthusiasm that this queer drama, which has also garnered great praise for its portrayal of homosexuality. Without a doubt a series that gives many references LGTBIQ + to the younger ones.

As for the possible release date, we will still have to wait to see the chapters of «heart stopper 2«, but they will presumably be available for release on next year 2023.

Sources: Cinemania

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