HazteOir is not in the public interest

HazteOir is not in the public interest HazteOir is not in the public interest

The National Court withdraws HazteOir the association status of "public utility"

GAYLES.TV.- The failure of National Court confirms M's decisionInterior Ministry to withdraw to HazteOir the association status of «public utility" as "breached the duty to promote the general interest«. Through a sentence dated February 19, the judges of the Contentious-Administrative Chamber have inflicted a severe blow to HazteOir.

The court concludes that, with the publicity campaign for the HazteOir bearing the motto «Boys have a penis. Girls have vulva»Failed to fulfill the duty to promote the general interest, in one of its aspects, that of tolerance, provided for in the law that regulates the right of association and the declaration of public utility.

The sentence, presentation of the magistrate Jesus Garcia Paredes explains that carrying out these activities is incompatible with the granting of aid and subsidies by the different public administrations to an association "which identifies the promotion of the general interest with that of its ideology" The Chamber recalls that the difference between an ordinary association and one recognized under LO 1/2002 "it is precisely this "plus" of their "participation" in activities of general interest”And therefore the declaration of public utility entails a series of economic benefits.

Whip it to HazteOir

The magistrates add that the appellant has benefited from the recognition of public utility but with her activities she moves away from promoting the general interest by replacing him "by the of the promoting your particular interest, enervating the promotion of "tolerance" when dealing with the problems derived from gender identity, that is, "sexual orientation".

El Government On the other hand, it has already argued that the withdrawal of this benefit does not imply "question the right to HazteOir to exercise their ideological freedom and spread their ideas in educational matters". "However, whoever exercises these fundamental rights and public liberties is responsible for the legal consequences that may arise from the way in which they do so.”, Exposed the Executive.

HazteOir is not in the public interest

Source: El País, Public, Cadena Ser

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