HazteOír recovers the hate bus to attack the Trans Law

HazteOir recovers the hate bus to attack the Trans Law HazteOír recovers the hate bus to attack the Trans Law

HazteOír walks the transphobic bus through the streets of Madrid to collect signatures against the Trans Law

GAYLES.TV.- The far-right organization Do you hear he returns to the load with his famous transphobic bus. This time he has walked the streets of Madrid the hashtag #stopTrans Law and his now famous slogan “Boys have a penis. Girls have a vulva. Do not be fooled. If you are born a man, you are a man. If you are a woman, it will continue to be so”. A statement that could constitute a hate crime.

In addition, they have added a pullita for the PP and another for him PSOE in the back of the orange bus. For those of Sanchez «PSOE: Welcome to Biology»And for those who leave Genoa «PP: Are you in favor of Biology or the lobby LGTBI?«. Darts that should sting because of Carmen Calvo and her transexclusive feminism there is no one who can justify it.

HazteOir recovers the hate bus to attack the Trans Law"There is good news and it is that PSOE has assumed the thesis of the bus from HazteOir.org and officially declared that boys have a penis and girls have a vulva. That is why we ask you to stop the crazy law that prepares Irene Montero. And by the way we ask the Party if it is next to biology or ideology”, They underline from HazteOir.org. Being aligned with the ultraconservatives should shock those who call themselves socialists.

Let us remember that this extreme right-wing pressure group has large amounts of money for its campaigns. The hate bus has been the most notorious. Do you hear It has managed to establish itself as a true fundamentalist pressure group, and it does so with a not inconsiderable economic cushion. As recorded in the report corresponding to 2015, that year they received 1.625.257 euros in concept of "membership fees"And another 997.760 euros as"donations".

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