Are Dulceida and Alba back?

Are Dulceida and Alba back? Are Dulceida and Alba back?

All the indications indicate that Dulceida and Alba Paul could have returned

The separation of Dulceida and Alba Paul It was one of the most famous in the world an influencer. The couple decided to put an end to their relationship in October 2021, after they had gone through a great sentimental crisis.

They began their relationship in the year 2014. when the two met at a clothing store event. There love arose and two years later they starred in one of the wedding most anticipated and commented on social networks. After that, their distance grew bigger and bigger, until they announced the confirmation of their breakup with some emotional messages on their Facebook profiles. Instagram.

Dulceida: "She is the love of my life"

Neither of them came to explain what was the reason for their separation, but from what we have been seeing on the networks they have continued to maintain a more than cordial relationship as confirmed Dulceida en Calleja Planet.

In the program he was honest: “He is the love of my life and I think I am his. Now we have a very good relationship.". Jesús Calleja made Aida open her heart to talk about her personal life and even asked her to send him a message. “That I love her"Said Aida, who revealed that he had been talking to her that day: “Today I have told her a little about the experience, I am talking a little about the trip with her”.


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Are Dulceida and Alba back?Another proof is that Dulceida has appeared in several stories with a red and black jacket, very characteristic. The same one that appeared in stories of Alba Paul put on a chair. Alba went up a TikTok with the song Tiny's Cupid, which talks about couples that no longer work. A video to which a follower commented “come back" y Alba Paul he liked it.

Also Alba also uploaded a storie with Madame de Rosa having dinner in a place Madrid, in which shortly after was also found Dulceida. The tiktokers He also said that they have seen the two together in the snow this past eastern. Each one was in a different house but her information assured her that they could have been one night together.

"My heart is very well and very happy"

In a recent interview with Nil Ojeda, Dulceida He assured that he was in a good moment. “My heart is very well and very happy", declared. “What is clear is that if the heart of Aida He is very pleased and very happy and with that smile of love if it belonged to another person he would not spend so much time with his ex and these hints ", said the tiktoker.

They have also been seen kissing on a friend's birthday and also going shopping together.

We don't know what will happen, but what we do know is that there is still a very special relationship between them, that only time will tell if they will be able to give themselves a second chance.

Are Dulceida and Alba back?


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