Greece divided over same-sex marriage law

Greece divided over same-sex marriage law Greece divided over same-sex marriage law

Mitsotakis hopes that the equal marriage law in Greece will be approved in February

The Parliament of Greece will vote next month on the legalization of equal marriage and adoption, said the conservative prime minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis. The new rule will also allow homosexual couples to adopt boys and girls, something illegal under current legislation.

After winning the parliamentary elections in Greece This summer the conservative prime minister already announced it: Greece would legalize gay marriage as soon as possible and would become the first Orthodox Christian country in the world to allow it.

Greece divided over same-sex marriage lawCyprus, Montenegro and the same Greece They already consent to civil unions between people of the same sex, but not marriage. A separate case is that of Bulgaria and Romania, which do not allow these unions but, by order of Brussels, must recognize them as legal. «We will legislate marriage equality, which will mean the elimination of discrimination based on sexual orientation"Mitsotakis recently said

«I am very optimistic and I think it will become Greek law in the first half of February", he claimed Mitsotakis, whose party New Democracy has an absolute majority in the unicameral Parliament.

No to surrogacy

The Conservative prime minister, who promotes the project, has already declared that the current rules on assisted reproduction will not be modified to allow same-sex couples the right to gestational surrogacy, surrogacy.

Opinion polls indicate that the majority of Greeks support gay marriage but oppose surrogacy.

Greece divided over same-sex marriage law


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