Global Pride, the world unites to celebrate Pride

World Pride 2020 Global Pride, the world unites to celebrate Pride

Global Pride will be a virtual 24-hour celebration that will take place on June 27, 2020

GAYLES.TV.- The crisis of the COVID-19 has forced to cancel hundreds of Pride celebrations worldwide. But the collaboration between Interpride and COPD (European Association of Pride Organizers) You have found a virtual solution. The next June 27th, 2020 It will be held GlobalPride. A 24-hour virtual event that will tour the planet under the motto «Exists, Persists, Resists ».

«The events will try to bring together the Pride organizations and LGBT + community widest in the world", He says Andrew Baker, co-president of Interpride. «Pride organizations have been invited to express interest in producing or providing content for the event, and it will be a mix of live speeches, dialogues, engagement pieces, performances by musicians, queer artists, and other artists.«.

World Pride 2020One of the objectives of the event is to give hope to people in a difficult time, according to julian sanjivan, another co-president of Interpride. “We felt it was really important to take the initiative and come together to organize a platform that empowers people to see the light at the end of the tunnel, despite everything that is happening in the world now. It will inspire people, it will give them courage, it will be able to generate positivity, and that is really important, "he explains. Sanjivan.

Following the crisis of COVID-19 adds Sanjivan, Global Pride it will offer a vital way to connect as a community. "Although this is a very difficult time for all of us, we are trying to see what we can do to support each other. There will always be an opportunity for us to come together, and that is the most important thing. "

No doubt the GlobalPride It will be an opportunity to review the strength of the movement. After the celebration last year of 50th anniversary of the riots StonewallThis year also marks half a century of the first pride marches. A perfect opportunity to review the past and assess the future of the group LGTB + worldwide.

World Pride 2020

Source: Forbes, interpride

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2 opinions about "Global Pride, the world unites to celebrate Pride"

  1. Companions, after each pandemic and catastrophe it has always been used to produce a setback in social progress. I think this is the time for us to be inclusive as we have never been before, and to influence the fact that heteropatriarchy and binary sex-gender does not only affect the LGTBI + community, but everyone in general, since it also limits the affective sex development of people who consider themselves straight.

    I would ask, if this time is possible, that we be able to generate empathy, and only if we are all affected by the system to some extent, will we succeed.

    Hopefully we are able to see beyond our short-term interests and we are able to generate the synergies we need.

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