Giorgia Meloni charges against the LGTBIQ+ collective at a Vox rally in Marbella

Giorgia Meloni charges against the LGTBIQ+ collective at a Vox rally in Marbella Giorgia Meloni charges against the LGTBIQ+ collective at a Vox rally in Marbella

Giorgia Meloni delivered a hate speech in Marbella against the LGTBIQ+ collective and the feminist movement

The last rally Vox en Marbella had as a guest Giorgia Meloni, Italian far-right leader who delivered a hate-filled speech against the collective LGTBIQ + and the feminist movement during a campaign event for Vox with Olona Macarena y Santiago Abascal. The far-right leader of Brothers of Italy blurted out an ultra textbook speech, charging against migrants, feminists, the collective LGTBIQ +, abortion and Europe.

During his presentation at the Vox event, which he attended to support the candidate for the Andalusian elections, Olona Macarena, went so far as to say that the «gender ideology" search "the disappearance of the woman" Y "the end of motherhood" and charged what he called "LGBTI lobbies» while defending what he called «the natural family»Or«the universality of the cross" Front of "islamist violence«. An intervention in which he also displayed an anti-immigration and anti-European speech, attacking the «mass immigration» and «lThe Brussels bureaucrats«.

minister with Berlusconi and admirer of Trump and Orbán, has come to justify Mussolini in his public statements. With Vox being able to enter the Andalusian government from the hand of Party, as has already happened in Castilla y Leonsee a character like Melons giving them support shows that they don't even bother to hide anymore.

Who is Giorgia Meloni?

«I am sovereignist, nationalist, Christian and mother»Declared Melons a few years ago. Born in Roma in 1977, Melons He has always militated in the ranks of the extreme right. Contrary to Salvini o Abascal, she has not militated in more moderate political spaces: in that sense she is a kind of black leg of the most radical right.

Neo-fascist politics has engulfed the other two Italian right-wings and is soaring in the polls. Some say that she will be the next prime minister of Italy. Brothers of Italy leads the latest polls, almost tied at 21-22% with the Democratic party (center left). It may be the axis of the right-wing coalition in the next legislative elections (Spring 2023).

Therefore, from Vox they look with admiration at this neo-fascist policy. The links between the Spanish extreme right and the party of Melons they are strong and narrow. Proof of this is the speech that Melons pronounced in Marbella, where in just a few minutes he reviewed the entire ideological sample of the extreme right and said that Vox is «a hope for the future of Spain and Europe«.


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