"Indeterminate gender", a pioneer sentence in Europe

"Indeterminate gender", a pioneer sentence in Europe "Indeterminate gender", a pioneer sentence in Europe

A Sevillian lawyer gets Andrea Speck recognized as a non-binary person on her ID

A Sevillian lawyer has obtained a pioneer judgment in Europe for the people non-binary. He Superior Court of Justice of Andalusia obliges the ministry to include in Andreas Speck's documentation, a German citizen living in Sevilla, put «indeterminate gender«, as he does in his Germanic ID.

Andreas, has lived in Seville for ten years and since he arrived he has persisted in his fight to defend the non-binary gender. On your German ID, in the gender box, there is a X, Meaning indeterminate gender.

To get to Central Registry of Foreigners to get your European residence card they forced him to check the box for "man«. And so, in all official documents. tells us that he wants to stop lying: he is neither a man nor a woman.

En Estate consists as "man" in the Social security as "Woman«. and in the Andalusian Health Service, after four years of legal battle, managed to be named "unspecified gender".

"indeterminate gender"

"Indeterminate gender", a pioneer sentence in EuropePeople non-binary have been left out of the recently approved Trans Law Spanish. Above all, they demanded third box in official documents that did not oblige them to identify themselves as male or female.

In countries like Germany, Austria, Malta, Argentina, India or Nepal This is possible. In fact, in Andrea's German passport, there is an X, but she couldn't register like that in Spain.

But neither Andreas nor his lawyer were satisfied. Thus began a legal battle that has reached the Superior Court of Justice of Andalusia that has given them the reason: Spain You have to recognize the documentation of the country of origin. He TSJA It has taken four years to issue a final sentence that establishes a European precedent.

"Indeterminate gender", a pioneer sentence in Europe

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