What is gender fluid?

What is gender fluid?

Genderfluid people are those who transition between two or more genders, but the term goes beyond

We live in a world in which sexuality seems to be organized according to the binarism between closet and female. However, there are other identities that challenge this order and pose diverse possibilities of inhabiting the genre. Which becomes a source of curiosity, inspiration, but also discrimination and rejection. The people of gender They show that there are no written rules to navigate the genre and that there are expressions far beyond the binary.

Gender identity can be understood as the subjective experience of how we experience the relationship with ourselves, our corporality, our sexuality and our ways of inhabiting the world. Within the framework of the sex/gender system, the gender identity may coincide with biological sex, which is known as a cis person. In the case of not coinciding, one would speak of trans, queer, non-binary or non-conforming gender identities.

El gender (gender fluid) is a type of non-binary gender identity that is particularly characterized by being dynamic, flexible, non-static, and flowing depending on the moment, time, and situations.

The people of gender are those that transition between two or more genders permanently or sporadically, and may be bigender, trigender, or pangender according to the number of genders that are involved in said fluctuation. The gender establishes imprecise and variable transition periods, identifying sometimes with one or more genders and other times with different ones. It is not determined by sexual orientation or by the presence of certain sexual characteristics; but by a constant search for conformity within one's own gender identity. In this sense, they are called gender for being an analogy to the characteristics of fluids to remain in constant motion.

Flow between gender expressions

What is gender fluid?La gender expression It refers to the way in which we materialize and make our identity public on the social scene. In a cisnormative society like ours, this expression is also organized around the binarism male Female. The identities of gender they transgress these codes and creatively reinvent them to perform the genre in novel and non-pre-established ways.

Being gender fluid doesn't mean the same thing to every person. Therefore, it is not always expressed in the same way and there is no single formula for moving through the genre.

People who identify themselves as gender they feel that both their identity as its gender expression they are not fixed, they fluctuate between the possibility of perceiving oneself as men, women, both simultaneously, or even neither. This ambiguous nature makes it difficult, within the framework of cisnormativity, to construct a definition that encompasses the dynamic and mobile nature of this identity.

However, something that those who identify as gender fluid have in common is the questioning of historically constructed gender roles.

On the one hand, there are those who simultaneously exchange roles, aesthetics and behaviors historically associated with both men and women. In this way they break with the binarism of gender and show that gender identity does not have to be restricted to just one of the two poles. On the other hand, although there are those who adopt binary roles for a few moments, the fact of moving between one and the other makes them question the static and supposedly permanent character over time of masculine or feminine gender identities.

What is gender fluid?

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