20-year-old beheaded by his family for being gay in Iran

20-year-old beheaded by his family for being gay in Iran 20-year-old beheaded by his family for being gay in Iran

An Iranian young man was beheaded by his family in a horrible 'honor killing«

Alireza Fazeli Monfared, Iranian 20 years old, was murdered last Tuesday, May 4, by his stepbrother and cousins ​​due to his sexual orientation. He was gay and is believed to be a 'honor killing«. The young man's relatives had proof of his orientation when they opened a letter from the Iran Conscription Office in which it was detailed that Alireza he was going to be exempted from compulsory military service for two years in the country for «moral and sexual depravities such as being homosexual«. The young man had already planned to flee Iran and meet his boyfriend as a refugee in Türkiye shortly before his death.

At 19:00 p.m. on Tuesday, Alireza had his last phone conversation with his mother. Then came his stepbrother, who contacted him under the pretext of having a chat. She got him in the car and drove him out of town. During the night, his stepbrother and two cousins ​​killed him, beating him and beheading him in the town of boruminear the city of Ahvaz. There was no news of him until Wednesday, when the stepbrother of Alireza He called his mother and said: «We have finished it«. This event was a shock to the woman, who had to be hospitalized. Also the confession of the facts by their authors. The body was found abandoned among some trees.

Dishonor in Iran

Alireza he was subjected to continuous harassment within his family because of his sexual orientation. His stepbrother constantly complained to his father about the dressing of this 20-year-old, a fact that he described as a «dishonor" and one "shame" for the family. The three men accused of the crime have been arrested.

The activism network LGTB +, 6rang, denounces that what happened shows the risk that the exclusion of people represents LGTB + of military service in Iran solely for reasons related to sexual orientation, something that perpetuates crimes of this nature and urges a «legislation to prevent these security risks«. Some activists have recovered videos of the repression exercised by the Iranian authorities against the population LGTB +.Alireza He had already denounced in several recordings that he was in danger from his relatives and that he planned to flee Iran. However, he did not receive any kind of help or support in order to guarantee his situation.

En Iran, this type of event is classified as «honor killings«, Under the belief that the victims have brought shame or disgrace to the executioners who are taking their lives. A report from 6rang published in 2020 indicates that 6 out of 10 people LGTB+ in Iran they have been assaulted by relatives, while half have been sexually assaulted in public.

20-year-old beheaded by his family for being gay in Iran

Sources: Pink NewsThe Replicators

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