A rancher denounces suffering repeated homophobia in El Bierzo

A rancher denounces suffering repeated homophobia in El Bierzo A rancher denounces suffering repeated homophobia in El Bierzo

A rancher will undertake a march of more than 100 kilometers accompanied by a cow to denounce the homophobia he suffers in Tejedo del Sil

The livestock baldomero lopez denounces that in the town of Sil weaving, where he has a farm, he is denied access to pasture without any motivation. This prevents you from accessing the help of the CAP and jeopardize your business. Given his requests in the council, the neighborhood meeting that decides on the issues of the town's assets, ends up settling with an insult of "fagot” on several occasions, according to the newspaper the bierzo.

baldomero and your partner have owned a jointly-owned farm since the year 2021. In fact they were la first gay couple to apply. Already at that time the pasture conflict existed, since they were denied access to them despite being the the only farm in town. For the allocation of pastures it is necessary that the Neighborhood Board authorize it and then it is the Castilla and leon meeting the one that, before the different requests, specifies the allowed use of pastures and the cost of the same, how good they become income for the town.

The farmer has a hundred cows dedicated to meat and denounces that without pasture their way of life is in danger: "they had me cheated with the fact that I did not have the right to cattle pasture, I was losing two years and it turns out that I had the right”. That is why he has announced that will undertake a march from El Bierzo to the city of León next April 10 accompanied by one of his cows to claim a solution that allows you to continue with your livestock.

"The fag spoke, out, the session is adjourned"

A rancher denounces suffering repeated homophobia in El Bierzo"I have the right to the hectares and they argued that I had no right”, he regrets to explain that when the councils were held they ended with a “The fagot spoke, out, the session adjourned” to avoid the subject. Yet the homophobia due to his sexual condition, he attributes part of the explanation of what is happening: “They told me to leave the council for being a fag several times, I did not march but the session continued”. He accumulates three years of formal request for pasture without positive results, despite being the only active farmer in the town of the municipality.

The rancher also does not hide that his status as former president of the Tejedo del Sil Neighborhood Council for the PSOE – before the current representative, for the PP – can influence the situation, but the expression of “fagot"As an insult, it always ends up coming out:"At first I thought it was a political issue but no, they are very concerned with fagots”. López was even criminally denounced for alleged irregularities in neighborhood management in a case that was filed.

contacted by the newspaper the bierzo who made the case public, the president of the Tejedo del Sil Neighborhood Council, David Verano, has declined to offer an assessment of the matter, merely pointing out that things are mixed up and that he is studying legal measures due to the controversy created.

100 Kilometers, a farmer and a cow

baldomero, despite the promises he has received to fix the situation, he continues his march on foot with his cow to León. A route of five stages and a hundred kilometers that a large part will be the same as the last black march in favor of coal that took place in 2012. And this tenacious rancher announces that he will camp in the city in front of the headquarters of the Castilla and leon meeting until you have a solution to the conflict. and before the homophobia who suffers is clear that he will not shut up: "They don't care who I sleep with".

A rancher denounces suffering repeated homophobia in El Bierzo

Sources: elDiario.esthe bierzo

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