Soccer player Josh Cavallo makes his homosexuality public

Soccer player Josh Cavallo makes his homosexuality public Soccer player Josh Cavallo makes his homosexuality public

Josh Cavallo is the first active senior footballer to publicly declare that he is gay

El footballer Australian Josh cavallo He announced his homosexuality on Wednesday in an emotional video published on social networks, which has been applauded and supported by elite colleagues and former athletes.

«It has been a journey to get to this point in my life, but I couldn't be happier with my decision to come out. I have been struggling with my sexuality for over six years and am glad I can park it«, Declared the midfielder of the Adelaide United, 21, in a video shared on his club's account.

The young man, who defined himself as a person «very reserved"He told how he always felt the need to hide because he was ashamed of his homosexuality:"Ashamed that he would never be able to do what he loved and be gay. Hiding who he really was, to pursue a dream I always wanted as a child. Playing soccer and being treated the same as everyone else never seemed like a reality", he claimed Horse.

The young man recounted how being a gay footballer in the closet made him learn to hide his feelings «to fit the mold of the professional footballer»And described how«Growing up gay and playing soccer were two worlds whose paths had never crossed. I've lived with the assumption that this was a topic I could never talk about", He said.

The footballer has received the support of many elite athletes such as Gerard Piqué «I do not have the pleasure of meeting you personally but I want to thank you for this step that you take. The world of football is far behind and you are helping us move forward«, Indicated the central of the Barça in a message.

Fashanu's tragic story

In fact, the first professional footballer to come out openly gay was Justin Fashanu, but England in the 37s was unprepared for that kind of news. Since she was featured on the cover of 'The Sun' admitting her sexuality, her life was nothing short of hell. Fashanu took his life at XNUMX, after a life marked by harassment and misunderstanding. He was born with a triple sentence: he was poor, black and homosexual.

Sources: SportTwitter

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