Equality agrees to merge trans and LGTBI laws if self-determination is recognized

Equality agrees to merge trans and LGTBI laws if self-determination is recognized Equality agrees to merge trans and LGTBI laws if self-determination is recognized

The Felgtb, Chrysallis and the Triángulo Foundation warn that the rise of the extreme right threatens their rights

Some entities LGTBI have launched a proposal that seeks to achieve consensus between the vice president Carmen Calvo and the minister Irene Montero to unravel the law on the rights of trans people. The FELGT, Chrysallis and Triangle Foundation have raised the merger between the trans law and LGTBI, as long as future legislation enshrines self-determination of gender without guardianship or requirements. In this way they aim to achieve a «a consensus proposal»And that both poles yield.

The organizations have called "for a meeting" and "for a consensus" between "the demands" of both government partners, who have starred in a tough confrontation regarding the Trans Law since the drafts began to be discussed last January. Even then the socialists distanced themselves from the text of Equality, which contemplates eliminating the current medical requirements for the legal sex change of trans people and basing it on the free expression of the will. The proposal of PSOE is that they provide «documentation»And some«a" to the Civil Registry than "credit»Their transsexuality, for example, the testimony of a person from the environment.

Immediate response from the Minister of Equality

Almost at the same time that the associations spread their claim, Huntsman has published a tweet in which «appreciates the proposal of the LGTBI groups»But warns that«trans law will be law, recognizing the right to self-determination of gender«. «For us it can be today«, Has written the minister. Sources of Equality have clarified that it is accepted that there is a single text, although, drawn up by the department of Huntsman and not by vice presidency or the PSOE, and that its articles include free self-determination, which according to this ministerial department «it is the most respectful way of guaranteeing rights and reflects the highest human rights standards, as indicated by the European Commission«.

The trans law is a historical claim of the collective

Both standards are contemplated separately in the agreement for the formation of Government signed by United We can and PSOE. That there is a Trans law Specific has been one of the historical claims of a good part of the trans groups. In fact, there are organizations like the Trans Platform, who have disagreed with the proposal of the FELGTB, Chrysallis and Fundación Triángulo and they have ensured that merging both standards is «violence towards trans people»And a form of«make their discrimination invisible«. Activists and families of trans children from this group were the ones who started a hunger strike in mid-March to demand the unblocking of the law, to which six parties responded by registering it in the Congress.

FELGTB, Chrysallis and Fundación Triángulo They think, however, that with this proposal to the Government partners «can you unlock the situation" why "In these moments of ascent of the ultra-right discourse, it cannot be understood that the equality of trans people is not protected by law", has explained Uge Sangil, President of the FELGTB. They consider that their proposal is «an assignment by both parties"Que"there are no reasons not to accept«:«We are calling for them to find and get out of this pitfall with the sole objective of recognizing, legislating and protecting trans people", has added Ana Valenzuela, president of Chrysallis.

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