26 Foundation of December, supporting the major LGTB

La 26 Foundation of December works for the creation of physical and social spaces where LGTB older people see their needs met. We speak with its president, Federico Armenteros, about this group that is often forgotten by the younger sectors of the LGTBI community itself.

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  1. Hi friends. I am a gay who lives in Las Palmas de GC. I am a psychologist, psychotherapist and trainer of officials of Community A of the Canary Islands. I am recently retired and because I have rented my apartment to some tourists, I intend to move to Madrid from 1 to 28.12. Through this medium, I request to be welcomed in the house of some LGTB, with the only two conditions that the house is not too far from the center and that it has a private room. In exchange, I offer professional accompaniment, availability of time to share, help with housework, help with food costs, etc. I also offer to give a workshop on interpersonal communication to the members of the foundation. If there was interest, he would send a program and we would design the most appropriate agenda. I await your response and congratulate you for the beautiful project that you have put to work.
    Warm regards, Mauricio,
    [email protected], 619.186.659

    1. Hello Mauricio, we have sent a copy of your email to Fundación 26 de Diciembre [email protected]
      C/ Amparo, 27 28012 Madrid Telephones: 910 028 417 / 605 659 481
      The president of the Foundation is called Federico Armenteros.
      I wish you luck!

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