Freddie Mercury, the man who wanted to be a legend

About to be fulfilled 25 years of the death of Freddie Mercury, his songs, his image and the energy with which he proclaimed his homosexuality to the four winds, are still alive and alive. Founder and vocalist of Queen, AIDS took us to the 45 years managing to fulfill his dream: to be more than a rock star, to be a legend.

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  1. an incredible voice !!! but he really wasn't happy with her preferences! and he was castrated very young to be able to keep that voice !! In fact, he left a letter where he says that he will die of AIDS and his great love for heroin, but he left it as a testament so that young people would not do it, but they do not publish that ... it is an escape lifestyle used by the people who are unhappy, this is not a recommended way to live.

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