Frank Cuesta: "I'm not homophobic" (spoiler: yes it is)

Frank Cuesta: "I'm not homophobic" Frank Cuesta: "I'm not homophobic" (spoiler: yes it is)

Frank Cuesta deletes the videos after his homophobic statements «because I don't want my channel to be closed«

Frank Cuesta has been seen in the eye of the hurricane after one of his direct shows on his channel twich in which he spoke about the presence of homosexual characters and plots in series and films, something that for him was «unnatural«.

«Excuse me for telling you, from time to time that an uncle and an aunt is something normal, which is that we are abnormal, we are being abnormal", He said. «It is no longer possible in a fucking movie where a girl says: 'I like a guy'. Well no: 'I like an uncle, an aunt and that tree. I'm going to fuck the tree'. And I refuse, because it is unnatural, they are messing with a fucking corkscrew«, He added.

According to his point of view, this does not affect him at all, but it does affect his children, his grandchildren and his work: «That is the subnormality that exists today, that everything is under pressure, that nothing is natural anymore«. Frank forgets how underrepresented the collective has been for centuries. And we wonder how it affects his children, his grandchildren and his work?

Frank Cuesta considers that his words have been manipulated

The reactions and accusations of homophobia were not long in coming and the networks erupted in criticism of the presenter. Far from correcting Frank Cuesta He accuses those who label him as homophobes of being manipulative: «What manipulators you are and above all, what damage are you doing. You want to label me as homophobe, xenophobe, fatphobe, misogynist and I don't know how many other things…perfect! But the damage you are doing to this society is brutal.«.

Now, the presenter has explained that what he meant is that what he considers an overrepresentation of the theme LGTBI It is unnatural, not that homosexuality is, the opposite, he says, is a misinterpretation and manipulation of his words.

In another of his live shows, after the controversy, he added: «I am foul-mouthed, the ways are not the best, but you also know that I don't even hide and that I can't stand asshole..."He said in a fiery tone. For him, the images «they have been taken out of context, bits of video have been cut«, he claimed. Some videos, by the way, that he has deleted from his social networks. «I have deleted the videos because I don't want the channel to be closed", he assured. Why would they close the channel if his words were not homophobic?

Behaviors in the animal world

«Since we men are all abusers, we are sons of bitches and the thing about an uncle and an aunt is like: 'poof, it's just imposed'. But what tax, moron? But go to nature!«, points out the herpetologist in this regard.

He bases his argument on the comparison with certain behaviors in the animal world. «What is the rooster looking for, another rooster or a fucking chicken? What is the deer looking for, another doe or another fucking deer to give it up the ass? What's happening? That we see dogs in cities fucking each other. Of course, because they don't have bitches and what they find is a hole... Hey, in war any hole is a trench«.

We strongly recommend that Frank Cuesta follow GAYLES.TV where you will find a multitude of examples in the animal world that will make you think. Perhaps his closeness to VOX and the extreme right is seriously affecting him.

Frank Cuesta: "I'm not homophobic"

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