Florida approves the bill that prevents talking about LGTBIQ + in classrooms

Florida approves bill that prevents talking about LGTBIQ + in classrooms Florida approves the bill that prevents talking about LGTBIQ + in classrooms

The project "don't say gay» (Don't Say Gay) Will Stop Talking About Sex And Gender Education In Florida Classrooms

The bill called "don't say gay» (Don't Say Gay), which would ban talking about gender identity and sexual orientation in elementary schools in Florida (USA), was approved by a committee of the Senate state and continues its legislative process. The controversial proposal, which received the approval of the Senate Education Committee by 6 votes in favor and 3 against, it would prevent teachers from talking about these topics, considering that they are not «appropriate to the age or development of students«.

This Republican initiative, which controls the state Senate and House of Representatives, has drawn criticism from community rights groups. LGTBIQ +, criticism to which has also been added the Casa Blanca. "Today the conservative politicians of Florida introduced legislation designed to target children LGTBIQ +. Instead of hindering the growth of young people, the Administration Biden focuses on keeping schools open and supporting student mental health«, has highlighted the White House on Twitter.

President of United States, Joe Biden, has stated in his official account Twitter that this is a billhateful» and that the administration will fight to protect members of this community. «I want all members of the community LGTBIQ +, especially the children who will be affected by this hateful bill, know that you are loved and accepted just the way you are. I have your back, and my Administration will continue to fight for the protection and security you deserve.", has said.

Harming the most vulnerable

The spokeswoman for the Casa Blanca, Jen Psaki, highlighted at a press conference that «legislation would harm children who need the most protection» and that already, by itself, «are vulnerable to harassment and violence just for being themselves«. «Make no mistake: this is not an isolated action in Florida. Across the country, we're seeing Republican leaders take action to regulate what students can and can't read, what they can and can't learn, and, most worryingly, who they can and can't be.", he said, adding that this legislation "is designed to target and attack children«.

If the project is approved, parents will be able to file lawsuits against the school district and receive compensation for damages if they believe that its policies violate the “fundamental right to make decisions about the upbringing and control of their children«. The project "don't say gay» (Don't say gay) will prevent talking in sex and gender education classrooms. At least four US states have similar legislation, such as Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana and Mississippi.

Florida approves bill that prevents talking about LGTBIQ + in classrooms

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