FITUR Gay LGBT 2018: a challenge for the future

FITUR Gay LGBT 2018: a challenge for the future

The eighth edition of FITUR Gay LGBT was marked by the tourism challenges after World Pride last year and also by the memory of David Martin, co-founder of the event, who died four months ago.

GAYLES.TV.- The most animated corner of the Tourism Fair continues to surpass year after year, with more meters, more stands and more destinations. The Latin American presence is in charge of Costa Rica, Colombia or Argentina; the incorporation of cities and autonomous communities to those already existing, such as Bilbao and Asturias, that show their offer addressed to the public LGTB, together with multinationals and companies. We discovered the novelties of 2018 from the hand of Mario Núñez Márquez, organizer of United Bears Barcelona, Y de Sergio Gavilan Marcos, Game artist designer, who visit Fitur for the first time. And with Juan Pedro Tudela, organizer of Fitur Gay LGBT.


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