#FireAtHome: Fire !! is confined to Filmin to celebrate its 25th anniversary

#FireAtHome: Fire !! is confined to FILMIN to celebrate its 25th anniversary #FireAtHome: Fire !! is confined to Filmin to celebrate its 25th anniversary

The Barcelona Gay and Lesbian Film Festival, Fire !! offers from September 10 to 20 a digital edition with 43 titles, most of them unpublished in Spain, through the Filmin platform

GAYLES.TV.- La Barcelona gay and lesbian film show, FIRE !!, will offer from September 10 to 20 a special digital edition called #FireAtHome, with an ambitious and diverse programming on the platform The film accessible nationwide with 43 titles, most of them unpublished in Spain. Starting today, the ticket pack, which includes a 3-month subscription to Filmin, goes on sale.

The access to the films will be possible during the 10 days that the Show through filmin.es and all content can be accessed either through the subscription to the VOD platform itself or through a 25 euro subscription which will include access to all the films at the Festival and a three-month subscription to The film Without aditional costs. It will also be possible to access each film individually at greatly reduced prices. The public will be able to give their opinion and give their score to choose the awards for this new edition.

#FireAtHome: Fire !! is confined to FILMIN to celebrate its 25th anniversaryThe full program is now available both on the festival's official website www.mostrafire.com where you can buy the festival ticket and find out in the easiest way from home and enjoy a unique opportunity to learn about the work of these 25 years of the first film festival LGBTI all Spain.

43 LGTB + movies

The programming includes independent films from countries such as Brazil, the Philippines, France, Ireland, Chile, the United States or Slovakia. Fiction documentary short films, Asian films, transsexual themed and a selection of the best titles of recent years. 43 movies of quality to enter the world of affective and sexual diversity, stories without complexes.

In addition to the sections Fiction Feature Films, Documentaries, Short Films, East of Eden and Trans Screen, will include a tribute to the director indie Argentine Mark Berger with the premiere of his new movie El Cazador accompanied by two of his best titles, taekwondo y A blond, as well as a section with the best titles of recent years. The film tells the story of Ezequiel, a 16-year-old young man in full sexual awakening falls in love with Mono, an attractive skater  which turns out not to be what it seems. Ezequiel will be involved in a blackmail from which he will not be able to escape unscathed. A sensual story, apparently innocuous but that derives from a topic as current as privacy and freedom.

Also highlights indianara, a Brazilian documentary within the Section Screen TransDirected by Aude Chevalier-Beaumel y Marcelo Barbosa shot just before the election of Jair Bolsonaro and released later in Cannes .

#FireAtHome: Fire !! is confined to FILMIN to celebrate its 25th anniversary

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